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Here is My cancellation code # 2596233 given to me today by the numerous (about 5) people I spoke with in your office. A cancellation to which is Ironic, due to the fact I NEVER ORDERED ANYTHING FROM YOU.
you call yourselves a company who looks out for thewelfare of peoples Identity theft, and then turn right around, and steal their money right behind their backs hoping they won't know the difference. You type of people and the way you make your living, make me sick, get a REAL job, doing something To HELP others, not rip them off. Just so you know. I am a single mom of 3 girls who is extrememly poor, and going through a horrible crisis right now. I had $4.oo in my checking acct, and after your little trans. It made me Overdrawn which costme an add. $50 thru my bank.. So, I would like you to refund the $31.98 that you immorally and illegally took from my account. On top of that, I want to be reimbursed forthe $50 of ISF my bank charged me due to your lack of morals. And while your at it, another $5.00 for all the calls I made today, trying to find a single person in your so called Company who didn't lie, or could connect me to someone in authority or had a "clue" as to what was going on. They had the "gull" to be rude and short with ME> I expect this money to be deposited back into my checking IMMEDIATELY, YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW THE ACCT. # DON'T YOU? THAT IS THE 31.98 for the rip off charge, and the $50 you cost me that I do not have. My girls and I would like to eat this week thank you.
I will forget about the waiting on the phone long distance forever, its obvious I wouldnt of gotten anywhere with the 7th person I spoke with just the same as the first
Get yourselves respectable jobs and stop hurting people . This world sucks enough without rude, malicious, and cruel people such as yourselves taking money out of mychildrens mouth for your scamming (about to be CLOSED business.) I best have $81.98 immed. deposited, or believe me, you will have to deal with alot more consequences than you would of by just repaying the money you owed. I am a mom who has been fighting the justce system alone for 5 years, I am a hard ###, and because of the fact that I have Nothing, I will be damned if People like you are going to "steal" it from me...Your employees should really start looking for new employment. Maybe something decent and ethical and helpful towards human decency would be nice. dont think they will have a job with this company too much longer.
We need to eat and my girls need stuff for school, I want this money depostited back into my account YESTERDAY.
Connie Colburn

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