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SafeAuto Insurance / Cancellation Made in Error Poor Customer Service

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I used to be a big fan of this insurance company but in the past 2 months they have gone "downhill" I don't know who they are hiring but there has been one screw-up after another. I received a check in the mail from them last night. Granted, I could use the money but I just knew it was too good to be true. After spending an hour on the phone with them I was told they had cancelled my auto insurance policy in error. They were very sorry but it could not be reinstated until the next day after 5:30 p.m!! I had not been covered by a policy for over a week and would not be until I called them back!!!

Just send the check back to them and they would make it right-yeah, right!! So it can get "lost?"

I know everyone makes mistakes and this wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't made several phone calls to them during the course of ONE day for another mistake they had made one month ago!!!

So, after 4 years it is goodbye Safe Auto!!

While on hold with you last night I went online and got a quote and purchased much better coverage at a much better price from a little green guy!!!

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  • Di
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    I strongly agree their customer service needs a majoring hire over.

    I have been with safe auto for several years and this last month has been HELL!. I recently reinstated my policy and was quoted $103 dollars for basic liability, I was told by the agent that I needed to pay $95 up front and thereafter, the 12th of every month the 103. My next payment is not due until Feb 12th. Well I got a reminder email telling me that my insurance will cancel on Feb 6th and that I had to pay $177 dollars.

    Long story short I spoke to ten customer reps in the space of three days and all had a different story pertaining to the fee. And my request to speak with a supervisor was a joke some guy named Shon told me he would look into it that Friday to adjust it back to the 103 but could not promise that rate for the following months.

    He never called back and when he did it was Wednesday and the message he left was that he did return a call to me on Friday at 5:25 pm He said that it was documented that he made the call. I am assuming someone told him about my calling and complaining about his not calling me back. Well his story was untrue because I waited for his call until 7pm Friday there was none nor a message and little did he know the calls I made Monday and Tuesday after not hearing from him the other reps read his notes that only showed that he initially spoke with me and was going to see about fixing the rate . There was nothing in reference to his claim of a 5:25pm call.
    I finally got tired of all the calling I was doing and decided to report it to BBB.

    Integrity has been really compromised with this company. I strongly advise doing your research before applying for insurance with safe auto

  • If
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    I paid to have Safe Auto insurance for almost 6 years. I was asked by my State's Dept of Safety to provide a specific form to them. For the first time since I signed up with Safe Auto, I called their customer support to request a copy of the form...seemed easy enough. I was told it would take about 48 hours to process and I would need to call back. So I did. The next time I called (48 hrs later), I was told that the form would be faxed to me. I only recieved a fax of my policy and not the form I requested (remember - I was asked to obtain this and bring it "in hand" to the Dept of Safety). So...I immediately called back and said 'thank you for the fax, but I still need the form you said you would fax to me'. I was then told by the customer service rep (the 2nd one I talked to) to "hold" while he checked with the mailroom to find out if the form could be overnighted to which time he conveniently hung up on me. Still trying to keep my cool...I called back once more. The next customer service rep (3rd one now) told me that the form could not be sent to me in the mail or electronically and no one should have told me that it could be. I did loose my cool when I realized that I had been scammed into paying for something that there was no evidence they could provide that even existed. I then called the Dept of Safety to tell them the trouble I was running into...their exact words were: "That's crazy! You need to go with a different insurance company!" So...I then called GEICO and before even asking for quote, I asked if they would be able to provide me with a copy of the form that the Dept of Saftey had requested from me, if I signed up for a policy with them. Their answer??? "Well yes, of course, would you like us to email it, fax it, or regular mail it to you?"" I almost fainted!!! Now I have a new policy with GEICO (no increase in premium), have already received incredible customer service during the first experience, received the form by email within an hour of signing up, and was able to finally provide the Dept of Safety with the form they requested.

  • Sk
      16th of Jan, 2010
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    they lied and suck! had my sr-22 expired from mdv no longer needed! safe auto stated i still need my sr-22 and pay 3 months in advance. now thats some BS!right there! lucky i called my local mdv and got all the info needed and some tips on how to avoid stuff like this. i hate being lied to, thank god! no more safe auto for me!!

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