Safe N Sound Self Storage / Poor Customer Service

1 451 Bridge Street Groton CT 06340, Groton, CT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 860.448.1800

These people at this place are unbelievable. Talk about terrible customer service. If you owe them money because you have made the mistake of putting your stuff at this place, they will call and harass you every day. sometimes two or three times. It is unbelievable. The people that they have working in the office are totally unprofessional and rude. Then after you finally get to take your stuff out, once you have paid the hefty fees that they place on your account, just try and get your deposit back from them. It takes forever and requires a bunch of phone calls. There is a woman named lisa who is the one who writes the deposit checks, supposedly, and she is even ruder and more unprofessional than the people in the office. DO NOT PUT YOUR BELONGINGS HERE!!! There are plenty of other places in the area. Go to the others.

Dec 16, 2014

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