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I own 3 subway franchises in North Carolina, all of which had Safe Home Security as it's security company. On July 27th, 2010 there was an overnight break-in at one of my restaurants in Pineville, NC. Safehome Security did not alert the pineville police department and instead dispatched the Charlotte Police Department. Charlotte police told Safe Home that there was no permit on file, so they wouldn't be able to go. Safe Home failed to contact the right police department giving the burglars plenty of time to destroy my restaurant and henceforth resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. A passerby called the Pineville police department and they reached the scene same time as me. The officer on scene told me since the department is located 1 minute away they would have been able to stop the burglars.

I contacted the customer service manager at Safe Home that morning. His name was Bill Stewart; who apologized for the mistake and asked me to email him a list of damages. When I emailed him a list of damages, he responded back by telling me that in my contract it clearly states that Safe Home will be only responsible for $250; and that they will pay the amount once he talks to his CFO. I waited a long time without for a response from Bill Stewart. Finally I emailed him again in August and here is the response I received:

"Dear Sir:

I spoke with our CFO, he said you have to make a claim with your insurance company. We need a copy of the insurance claim and a copy of the police report and we will pay the $250.

Bill Stewart
Customer Service Manager
[protected] x 1125"

I submitted the copy of the insurance claim and the police report; and then he never responded back. After waiting weeks I called Bill Stewart personally asking for an update; and he stated that the CFO was on vacation. More weeks went by and I emailed Bill Stewart for an update and he emailed me back stating that the CFO was reviewing it with the legal department and he would get back with me. This was 4 months after the incident and it became frustrating for me because I'm in the customer service business and you are not supposed to treat a customer this way. I did not feel safe with my restaurants security handled by Safe Home Security Inc, so I switched over to Guardian Protection Services. I told my bank to stop payment on all Safe Home security's ACH. I am now receiving phone calls from their collection employees all times of day and nights. They are calling my house phone, work phone, and even my father's home phone; who was listed as an emergency contact. They are rude and demanding payment over the phone. They are threatening to ruin my credit score by reporting to the credit agencies. They are threatening to go to court and get lawyers involved unless I pay with a debit card or a credit card over the phone. Also the company is demanding payments for the next 3 years because the contract automatically renews without notice. Is that even legal in the country? Can a company just renew the contract for 3 years without giving me any notice or a heads-up?

I called the collections department and asked to see the contract I signed. I received one of the store's contract on 1/8/11

1) The signature on the contract for the first store is mine but the signature on the personal guarantee contract isn't mine. It looks like someone forged the signature on the personal guarantee contract.

2) I was emailed me a copy of the contract for the 2nd store back in July. I checked to make sure the signature was mine, and I wasn't shocked to see that the signature wasn't mine either. It was forged as well; and it makes sense because I don't remember signing a contract for that particular store. I wouldn't be surprised if my 3rd store's contract signature is forged either.

I believe this type of forgery happens because Safe Home uses bad business practices by getting 3rd party independent contractors to get them clients, and sometimes these 3rd party contractors aren't that honest as they seem. They just want to cash in on the account they signed up no matter the cost.

The contract states that the most they will pay if responsible is $250, and that's one of the main reasons I am scared to hire an attorney because they charge around$200/hour and it might take months to win against this company.

I have a perfect credit score and I feel so frustrated that I can't stop this company from ruining my credit.

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  • Al
      29th of May, 2012

    worked for them and they do bad pratices if you coment back with a # i will call you and tell you more things they do also see if they pulled any alarm permits for your business

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