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Safari RV Stores / Poor service

1 3145 Twin View Blvd. Shasta Lake City, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 530-275-3451

On March 23, 2011 I purchased an antenna, a solar panel and two six volt batteries from Safari RV Stores in Shasta Lake City, California 3145 Twin View Blvd. Shasta Lake City, California 96019. I had them installed in my trailer and paid $1550.57. My trailer is on my property near Manton, California. The next day I had to leave and return to my home in Southern California. On March 7, 2011 I returned to my property and checked my new batteries. They were both dead. For the next three days I charged the batteries with the solar panel and a generator. The batteries would not hold a charge. The next Monday I took the batteries back in to Bob at Safari RV Stores and told him of the problem. He checked and charged the batteries for 24 hours and said they were OK now. I took the batteries back to my trailer and installed them. Overnight they completely discharged. I called Bob at Safari RV Stores and he yelled said bring the trailer in and hung up on me. I have a bad back. A friend (Al Fowler) came up from Southern California to help me hook up the trailer. We took the trailer back in and left it for three hours and went back. Jeff said he couldn’t find anything wrong and suggested I had done something to discharge the batteries. When I said I had done nothing to discharge the batteries Jeff started yelling and cussing. “ I am not getting paid for this F-----g job” “ Do you think I am trying to f--k you “ “I am getting tired of your sh--” His attempt to intimadate me failed but I told Jeff we were through and left before the situation escalated. I went next door to Cousin Gary RV Supermart and had them check all the wiring and the batteries. Cousin Gary called me in less than an hour and went over my batteries and solar panel with me in detail. They had checked the batteries and had charged them. They told me the switch had to be on for the solar panel to charge the batteries. This was the opposite that Bob and Jeff had told me at Safari Stores RV. Bob and Jeff at Safari Stores RV had told me wrong and didn’t know why the batteries were not charging with the switch in the off position. Their hanging up on me and then cussing at me when they became frustrated at their own ignorance was a lesson for me. NEVER SHOP OR BUY ANYTHING AT SAFARI STORES RV IN SHASTA LAKE CITY CALIFORNIA !!!

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  • Je
      28th of Mar, 2012
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    Dave if your going to wright a review then at least have your facts strait. It doesn't bother me if someone is dissatisfied with the service we at Safari provide, (you can satisfy some of the customers all the time, and you can satisfy all the customers some of the time, but you can never satisfy all the customers all the time.) For starters I never once used profound language or raised my voice at or to you. Second when Bill (NOT BOB) hung up on you it was because you would not listen to him on how to reattach the solar controller we GAVE you to replace the one that went bad. After Bill hung up on you he and I talked he explained what had transpired on the phone with you, I then called you back to see if I could help you. You told me none of the lights on the solar controller would come on, I told you to check you connections you said you did and they were tight, I iterated to check your connections several more times and every time you told me they were tight, We then switch over to talking about your 12volt converter and what it was putting out, you told me when you were plugged into the generator you were getting a reading of 12.1 to 12.2 volts at the batteries. I told you there was something wrong with it and to bring it in the following Tuesday. When you brought in your trailer. I found that the solar control WAS NOT wired, I cleaned up the wire end and reattached them, AND what do you know the lights came on, I then showed you when you and AL returned that is was working (BY THE WAY THERE IS NO SWITCH BETWEEN THE SOLAR CHARGER AND THE BATTERIES, JUST A FUSE. THE SWITCH IS TO TURN ON THE BATTERIES FOR HOUSE POWER.IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SOLAR.) While we were talking about your solar your friend Al brought up a fact that when he was trying to solve your problem with the solar every time he stuck the meter prob into the positive terminal of the solar controller the Lights on the controller would go off. We tried to make it do that in the shop, but being that the WIRES WERE NOW TIGHT it wouldn't, And you got mad at Al (the friend who came up to HELP YOU) for telling me about the lights.So basically on the solar side of what we did at the shop everything was working as designed, and I showed you and Al that. I then showed you that your converter was not charging, I got a reading of 12.32volts at the batteries and at the converter (SWITCH IN THE ON POSITION.) You and Al both saw the reading I was getting, You then told me that the Batteries were 12volt so 12.32volts was enough to put a charge to the batteries. Al and I both tried to ex plane to you that was not enough and that it needed to be over 13volts to charge them, you would not listen, and got mad at YOU FRIEND (who was there helping you), for agreeing with my findings. At no time did I try and sell you a control panel, in fact I spent 3 hours with you trying to ex plane everything to you, and I didn't charge you for any of my time. Your comment to me when I told you I wasn't charging you for my time was that you weren't getting paid for this either. Little side note for you in all my years in customer service I have never, cussed at, yelled at, or hung up on a customer, include-ding you.

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