Sabona Freight / Telkom business faults

1 Johannesburg, ZA

Good Day

I, Linda from the accounts department at Sabona Freight Services, would like to place a complaint because of the terrible service received from the business faults department (10217). The service is terrible as the matter cannot be resolved as our business telephone line is still out of order as from the 27th February 2017.A reference number was first given of 116CRZ28/02/17 which they suddenly said was resolved but the phone is still not working as the line is dead. They issued us with a another reference number of 38 CRZ0903/17 as they thought the matter was resolved.To our dismay the urgency of the fault is being treated lightly as they say the matter is escalated but they cannot accept accountability for the delay as the fault is now with the cable department which is out their hands. I have even spoken to the supervisor Nathi who assured me that he has escalated the fault to the ops manager at cable department and given them our cell number so they would call me back to give feedback as to when the fault will be fixed. No one has called me back from the cable department and I have tried again this morning to follow up with 10217 as this is the only number to follow up which is really bad as the agents keep you holding on the line forever until you have to drop the call from the cell phone as they do not know what to do and hope that we will drop the call which we have to eventually do, as the call is not free which I have explained to them. Nomdeni did advise me that she would send a request to sales for call forwarding for all our incoming calls to be diverted to our cell phone number [protected] as well as to be able to make outgoing calls from this cell phone with no charge as it is not our fault that the fault cannot be fixed immediately. We are a business and have lost a lot of revenue and are still losing more at the moment. I from accounts am unable to follow up for any outstanding payments or queries from our clients.Our clients are very upset that they cannot get a hold of us due this extreme delay from Telkom to fix the line. Can this matter please be treated with high priority as we are losing revenue with the phone line not being fixed. The landline number for the business is [protected].

Can you please provide me with feedback urgently. My email address is [protected]

Mar 13, 2017

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