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SABAN Car Rental / Scam

1 United States Review updated:

1) The owner "PETE" is very rude, biggest liar of Phoenix Airport area and unethical who doesn't care about customer's safety and their life while renting the junk cars/trucks from this company. He causally tells customers filthy things such as "[censored]", Idiot when you bargain with him. When you return the Cars, if you argue about those hidden charges, He will send those 2 car technicians (Wrestlers) to throw you outside the property since you are Tresspassing his property (According to Him) while he enjoys charging your credit card for twice the amounts than he promised before.

2) This company has inventory of "USED Cars/Trucks" Only that they purchase from Auction places (or) Junk yards then fix them using 2 Technicians who are

working on site all the time.

3) Most of the cars/Trucks from this company has over 100, 000 miles with most of things are broken inside the cars. I am not sure whether Phoenix DMV law requirs that you should't rent/lease cars over 100, 000 miles without any DMV Inspections.

4) This company won't show you the cars on the lot as well as won't allow you to inspect the Cars until you sign the contract.Once you drive the car, You will findout 100's of things which are not working such as Breaks, Steering Wheels, power Window, Locks, Wipers etc in addition to filthy smell such as Cigarett smells, Vomitting signs, Dog Poops etc. I was scared to place my food boxes on the car seats.

5) This company advertises $100-$129 per week but once you get there, Pete (Owner) will increase the rate from $100 to $129 (or) more per week.He claims that "Internet special" is expired just 1 day before you landed at Phoenix Airport.

6) This company will add the hidden charges such as "Cleaning Charges, Drop-off charges, Airport Pickup charges, 20% TAX" when you return the car while you curse your bad luck.

7) This company will also charge you for those broken things that you are not allowed to inspect until you sign the contract. Once you sign the contract, it becomes your responsibility to fix them (or) pay them.

8) At the time of returning the cars, If you argue with Owner (Pete) for hidden charges, You become "Tresspassing Person" so you will be thrown outside the property by those 2 Technicians who look like Wrestlers.

9) All the Allegations about Pete and SABAN car rental company from Internet are True Since I didn't read them before renting. My compalains are almost same

as others. Pete's employees post Some good reviews under phony names which are not true.

I expected a decent car with 30k mile from this guy since I used to rent cars from Enterprise which have similar mileage with Good condition. I finally got a piece of junk from this guy since he (PETE) didn't allow me to inspect the Car as well as He didn't tell me that I will rent the "Used car" with 85, 000 mileage otherwise I would have run from this place. When I drove this car to I-10 (freeway) then I realized that this junk car would kill me on Highways due to non working Brakes, Steering Wheels etc.

So I returned the car less than 24 hours of rental. He refused to give me the receipt of car return and Refund of 1 month rental. He also threatened me to throw away from his property. So I had to call the cops from their property to file a police complain (Complain # 140236) to prove that I DID return the car to stay away from any of PETE's future fabricated complains such as I never returned the CAR.since Arizona laws are very tough such as 2 years prison and $150K fine (His lease aggrement says so) if you don't return the cars.

The cops told me that they received numerous complains like mine about this facility which is being reviewed by Phoenix District Attorney General's office for possible car rental scams in Phoenix airport area.

YOU ARE MOST WELCOME to this Place If you want to ruin your Phoenix/Mexico vacation as well as if you want to put your family under the great risk of car accidents due to mecahnical failure of these junk cars/Trucks since most of the critical parts (Brakes, Steering Wheels) never work when you drive 7000ft on Mountains to Grand Canyon.

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  • Wa
      15th of Feb, 2011
    +2 Votes

    How these crooks at Saban's aren't in Jail is a mystery.

  • An
      30th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Similar situation happened to me.. When I called the cops they told me the same thing. I am in the process of getting a Lawyer and writing the attorney generals office. This place should not be is business and need to be shut down. I will petition this place to ensure they stop ripping people off. If you like please contact me at angelac1000 at yahoo.

  • Ha
      28th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    This company, Saban's Rent A Car was so rude to us, they don't know how to treat their customers at all. On the the phone they tell you the rate, when you get the vehicle they don't go over anything, don't even ask you if you want the insurance, or this is how much it is going to cost, they just make you sign the credit card receipt and you are on your way. The vehicle was broken, unsanitized, dirty, and disgusting...They at the time when we return they charges like $300 additional cost...I told them you never explained any of this, he saif it is in the contract he doesn't care, he would not even listen to us..that is not how you treat your customers. I rather pay and extra $300-400 and least I would be treated better at Enterprise. I will never go back there again, or would I recommend them to anyone.

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