Saavendor. info / Scam purchase for puppy french bulldogs

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This website was found on your search engine for the purchase of a puppy French bulldog. $1000 was sent to them for the purchase and it was a full scam. When the puppy was to be flown out I was sent an email requesting $955 cash be sent to an individual via moneygram or western union. I was threatened with having animal neglect charges placed on me when I refused to pay the money. I was threatened several times over text messages by an Emmanuel Golde over not sending the cash. Mr Golde refused to give me a refund on the puppy I purchased. I spoke to the airline that the puppy was to fly on and she was never brought there. There was never a puppy. Please contact me to get the emails I am speaking about and the text messages. My name is Jennifer Flores, [protected]. I don't want this to make your business look bad for having these "fraudulent "businesses, crooks located on your website.

Thank You for your time.

Nov 04, 2016

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