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Saab / Fraud at local dealer

1 Austin, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 512-219-3100

I recently sold my 9-5 vehicle after taking it to Roger Beasley Saab. I was advised that I needed various repairs and the estimate was several thousand dollars. This isn't the main concern. My main concern is through other people in the auto industry, here in Austin, TX, I found out that there was a group of employees who were fired last year due to making false repairs on vehicles while cars were in and out of warranty. Two of the current employees at this dealer own saabs that they bought from customers who brought their vehicle in for problems, and the customers were quoted several thousand dollars to fix their vehicles. It turns out they needed a couple hundred dollars worth of repairs and the employees are still driving them today. Also, one of the ex employees told me that when they were fired they were forced to pay the owner of the dealer several thousand dollars so that he wouldn't press charges against them. Even the general manager of the dealer was fired over this incident because he knew what was going on and allowed it to go on. So, if the employees payed back all the money owed and are free and clear why didn't the owner or service manager start calling customers back in and at least offer to relook over the vehicles that may have been scammed. The ex employee told me that everyone who was fired had been black balled, as they should have been. Every dealer in Austin, TX knows about what happened. All Saab dealers in Texas were advised of the people involved so that they wouldn't be rehired. I was told of 2 specific warranty claims. The first one was about a complete engine assembly that was replaced last year. The part was called back by gm and they didn't have the part because the parts manager sold the engine to a scrap yard for money. Sopposedly, the service manager had to fight for a couple of months, but he was able to get it paid for. The second incident was for an abs modulator. The part never got replaced the first time and then the car came back a month later and he parts replaced a used part and fixed it the second time. My main concern is that the whole Roger Beasley franchise here in Austin, TX is more than likely corrupt and I feel like GM should investigate the saab dealer in Austin. I feel like i may not have had to sell my car. I am just upset over the incident and since I know what was happening at Saab I hope you black ball that dealer and audit them and possibly shut them down or find a new owner for this dealer. I love Saabs, but I can't trust the dealer. I hope you investigate them. I kept my name anonymous because i don't want any retribution from the owner or employees of the Roger Beasley franchise.


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