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1 San Antonio, TX, United States Review updated:

This "wanna be" media newspaper is a complete joke. They have no money and the only way they are able to get any attention for their paper is to slander people's name. The editor of the newspaper is a very two-faced person who interviews artists and then edits any necessary detail that should be included in the article just to sensationalize the story. WARNING: ANY ARTIST OR SPONSOR DO NOT DEAL WITH SA URBAN NEWSPAPER. THEY HAVE MODELED THEIR COMPANY LIKE A NATIONAL ENQUIRER. AND YOU GUYS KNOW HOW ### THAT PAPER IS ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH. The owner of the paper Chuck is a pretty cool guy, however, he has recruited some unprofessional people who have no experience in journalism and who"s views are bias and based on their personal relationships they have with people. THIS NEWSPAPER WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING IF THEY CONTINUE TO REPORT STORIES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO VALIDITY AND SUBSTANCE. TALK ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON IN SAN ANTONIO URBAN SCENE AND LIVE UP TO YOUR NAME. GET MORE IN DEPTH WITH YOUR MUSIC AND STOP PROMOTING THESE TASTELESS STORIES THAT US ARTISTS IN SAN ANTONIO DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT...WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT "SLYKAT" AND HIS PERSONAL PROBLEMS...WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OUR ARTISTS HERE IN SAN ANTONIO AND THE POLITICS THAT EXIST HERE. That's why San Antonio hasn't made it on a national level as for music...because of weak publications like Sa Urban.

Yall step your game up...yall like to sensationalize ### when you guys need to be figuring out how to make your newspaper better. Thank God its free cause i never would buy it...

Would you?

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  • Lo
      22nd of Aug, 2009
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    I partially agree with the person who took the time to educate us on SA Urban as a whole. I have supported SA Urban since day 1 of it's operations. I too feel that this idea to break the undergound scene open has reached a point of perhaps no return. The once energized and organized staff at SA Urban has fallen asleep at the wheel, and I feel let down the last of their supporters. The C.E.O of SA Urban Chuck aka ManChuck has developed a positive format in which to grow on and develop, but has made some very pivotal mistakes. One of those major mistakes has been his choice in staff and of course certain shows that need a desperate overhaul or dropped asap. In the current line-up at SA Urban there are current shows such as The Real Hustle with D.J. Spin, Just Ask with Deedee B. & Ms. Lidz that show some appeal if the shows were handled with professionalism in mind. Such as The Real Hustle with D.J. Spin this show boderlines on stupidity, and comedy with the sound engineer doubling as co-host. D.J. Spin shows potential until he either drinks, or does his first burp on the air. Yes that's right, a nice burp for everyone live on the air and on cam to see and hear. A pot-bellied middle aged man burping and drinking himself silly until he sounds like a man with a learning disablilty. Sounds like loads of crazy fun for two whole hours. On one of his last shows he was at a certain venue announcing to everyone that he doesn't care about the local Artists, and that he doesn't need anyone's support. As he says this live on the air you can hear people tell him that he drank too much, in which he announces that he is not drunk YET, and that if he was he would let everyone know what he truly feels. Now with hosts and situations such as this how can anyone say that the entire staff at SA Urban supports anything local? When you have someone within their own house representing SA Urban as disgusted haters of what makes San Antonio - SAN ANTONIO it just makes you twist in your seat and yell!

    We are very creative in San Antonio as a whole and have much to offer so taking this in mind how can we support a medium such as this? Chuck had a great idea but he handed it over to be run by ex-felons, and wanna be stars. Chuck needs to ask himself if he wants to build something unique and original, or go along with the current hijacking of his Media Outlet, which has so far led to it's potential demise. Competitors such as 210 T.V. are paving the way to a brighter future for the music and entertainment scene in San Antonio. SA Urban could be a giant in this game, but serious decisions need to be made before it's too late. It's time to stop supporting reckless behavior that looks bad not only for San Antonio, but also for SA Urban. ManChuck it's time to take back SA Urban and STOP the current nonsense. Cancel The Real Hustle, and your other nonsense shows and get REAL with great programs that have hosts that not only sound great, but have a real love for what San Antonio has to offer!

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