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S.A. Splash Kitchens / Terrible service!

South Africa Review updated:
S.A. Splash Kitchens quoted me on 27/11/2007 to redo my kitchen. The total quote was for R24 830.00. A 60% deposit was paid to Mr Stephan Combrink, I.D. [protected] on 27/11/07, as per his quote. He then installed a few cupboard frames. No shelves, no doors, no tops. On 20/12/2007 he requested a further payment of R6 000.00 to purchase more wood, the tops and the basin for my kitchen. I also made him sign a letter that he would install the balance of my cupboards by 20/12/2007. Thus far he has done nothing more to my cupboards, I am still waiting for my kitchen to be completed. Every day when we phone he says that he is coming today. When he does come he only untidies my house and nothing more has been done. My husband has eventually installed the oven, hob and extractor so that I can use the stove. My husband has also installed the basin and had to go and purchase the fittings for the bottom of the basin so that we can use it. Every time he says that he is coming, he does not arrive. Every day when we phone he promises to come "today" I do not have all the cupboards in my kitchen as arranged. I still short my pantry, my broom cupboard and various smaller cupboards to be attached to the wall. The top is lying on the floor in my kitchen. There are no doors for any of the cupboards. There are no drawers. There are no shelves. I have now encountered a problem with mice in my house as I have to store all my food on tables and in boxes in my study. He promised us to come on Saturday, 9 February @ 11h00. He did not arrive and when my husband contacted him yesterday he said that he had so many problems on Saturday but that he would come yesterday, Monday 11 February. When I contacted him this morning he said that he will come through later today. I am quite convinced that it is just a lie again.

What could I do in this regard as I would like to warn anybody in Johannesburg and surrounding areas not to make use of this guy as he is just lying all the time. Advise smb!


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  22nd of Sep, 2011
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I am having the same issue with Stephan Combrink I.D. 850507 5139 089. Almost 4 years later and it seems he is still as unreliable and unprofessional. He was supposed to refit my wardrobe doors. He arrived, removed the doors, left everything in a mess and I have not seen him since. He does not answer his phone and never returns calls. He constantly lies about his eminent arrival. For 2 months I have tried to get back my doors to install myself. But Stephan Combrink has never returned my calls and has not once showed up on the promised time of the many appointments we have made.

I would also like to warn anybody in Johannesburg and surrounding areas not to make use of Stephan. He is unprofessional and cannot be trusted.
  14th of Jun, 2012
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I too have fallen victim to SA Splash. Took my deposit and has not been seen again. Even after I went to his house with the SAPS. The police tell me I cannot open a fraud case as an individual as on it's own it is a civil matter of breach of contract. May I use your story to prove to a court that this is how he operates? His actions are recurrent and premeditated. He defrauds people. Each case on it's own is worth nothing to make this man stop operating, but If I can prove a history of actions I may have a way to get him from doing it again? Please contact me on 084 780 9658 if you are willing to assit me. Thanks. Heidi
  14th of Jun, 2012
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sorry .. 084 780 9659 should have been the number
  5th of Feb, 2013
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Does anyone know if he is still operating? I too have been conned by him. I do have a contact number for him, but when I phone he swears at me and put the phone down.

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