S & J Wilshire / Legal Tow

1 5858 wilshire blvd , Los Angeles, CA, US

This is tricky. I receive a violation because I was parked at a zone that was illegal at a certain time. Violation: No stopping/anti-gridlock zone. Sign was posted near by and said: Tow away, no stopping 4pm to 7pm. i was issued a citation at 4:16 PM...then at 4:25PM the tow truck came. I got there just as he was placing the lift under the car was not lifted yet or locked. He then lifted it when i asked him to release my car. He charged me full price to release it on the spot. the codes for towing in private property says he should of release my car unconditionally without any fees since it was not in transit. Also, no fees shall apply cuz it was not lifted off the ground. this is from the DMV, section 22658, for private property...i was on a busy street though. shouldnt this section be the same as the private property and let me be free.

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