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On August 27, 2009 my capital one visa was charged $29.97 I did not recongnize the charge. The transactions details did not provide any additional information "Transaction Description" and "Merchant Information" only said "RZP [protected]"
The number retuned a busy signal and I filed the dispute with Capital One. Another time when I tried the number I got an answer.
"Raul" with account services answered the phone. I told him I was calling about a fraudulent charge on my credit card. He asked for my credit card number and expiration to look up my account. I did not comply. I asked him for information about the company.
He said the are an accounts services company that provides support for online adult entertainment websites.
I asked him where they are located, he said Florida.
I asked him for the company's physical address, he said he could not disclose that for security purposes. I asked him for his name/information and to talk to his supervisor. He said his name was "Ronald" and his supervisor was already on the phone with another customer. I asked him for the company name, "If you are a reputable company then what is your company name?" He side-stepped my question and repeated that they are an accounts services company for several online websites.
Since I refused to give him my credit card information or my name he told me to call my bank. Before he hung up with me he then said that his name was "Shawn".

I have done some internet searches and I see that there a few other complaints, one from New Jersey and another that I had to translate from Danish.
I am in Texas if that helps...
Have done ebay and paypal, but they are not linked to this account. Should be unrelated.
Be aware of unauthorized charges to your account, especially when there is no transaction information. Reputable companies will provide this information to you. Scam/fraud companies will remain vague and not answer your questions.

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  • Cd
      Sep 05, 2009

    hello i m french and i m searching more information about RZP they took my money last month and i would like know how they do that but i didn t find anithing about then i dont have any call phone or mail of then may u could help me thank u sorry for my english

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  • Gs
      Oct 06, 2009

    go here and use the live chat option, explain your situation and they should issue a refund.

    I had two charges: they said i had an active membership to "Adult Website All Network Pass", which i did not.

    8/25 $39.97 rzp [protected]
    9/28 $38.88 HHG ACCESS [protected]

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  • Ru
      Feb 10, 2010

    i am in Australia and just discovered a Transaction for EXACTLY THE SAME THING. I have now stopped my credit card and asked my bank to investigate this.

    Have also discovered similar unauthorised transactions from and; HLS Enterprises and NATL - evz.

    Makes me wonder how they got hold of my number as I only use this for Direct Debits plus the occassional purchase


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