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Ryso Consulting Inc. / Scam and cheating!

1 2630 Fountain View Dr.Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 713-789-5413

This is a company that run by two dumb girls who think they are professors!! They are a JOKE, know nothing about business or marketing and all they do is make you into slaves for Quill and make you go door to door to sale office supplies. They make it seem like you are doing something important. These people are losers! This is way Cydcor has a bad name, because of these dumb ### just ask yourself did I go to college for this? Do not buy into this!

RYSO means rock your socks off lol what a joke!

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  • Ch
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    I used to work there myself and I completely disagree with Gordon. Its a fun job with a great opportunity and they tell you everything up front. As for the girls being dumb: one of them graduated from Notre Dame and the other from a good school in Florida, so I doubt anyone else would agree with you. They're really fun and the care a lot about their people. The only reason I'm still not working there is because I had to move. If you ask me the reason Gordon was so opinionated about it is because he probably sucked and was a pansy.

  • Ni
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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    Ok, the first guy was absolutely correct. I received a call from this company to set up an interview. They said they would email me the address. I waited forever and never received one. I ended up calling them and they were like " what company are you calling for? We have 3"? Finally they just gave me the address over the phone which they should've done in the first place. Oh, the company they told me was "K&K International Consulting Inc.". Like the first guy said, They said it was for a management trainee position. Starting out at 40k-60k base plus commission, then 125k+ in 6-8 months. The thing was is that they were very vague on what the job was for. I've been in a situation before where I was contacted by an employer and everything sounded too vague and I found out it was a telemarketing job when I researched their website. I tried to find the website for K&K International and had no luck. I google searched and only found job listings. Don't you think that a company that says all of this stuff would have a website? So I called again to ask if they had one and they said that "Our website is under construction, you should go to, it's basically our website." That's when I found everything out. I went to the Interview anyways and purposely gave a sub-par interview. (They still never told me what the actual position is even after I asked her to walk me through a typical work day and duties). She also started to shoo me out when I started to ask too many questions. They called me back 2 hours later to do a "second interview" and start my employment. Why would anybody want to pay me that much money when I gave a crappy interview? THEY DON'T CARE! THE JUST WANT ANYONE WHO IS STUPID ENOUGH TO FALL FOR THEIR BS!!! Long story short... RYSO Consulting is K&K International Consulting Inc. as well as another company called "Coastal" something. Big scam. If someone is looking for inexperienced people to make a butt load of cash and be a manager... DUH!!! Especially when they have to hide under multiple company names!

  • Ja
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    I would have to agree with the initial comment as well. They flash a "management trainee program" in your face, but I don't care if they call me the President of the US, that whole company is about going door to door. OR what they call (B2B)..crazy.. entry level, mid level and "managers" are all doing the same thing. Going into "zones" around the Houston area, hitting up every single business out there, trying to sell Quill office supplies. They don't have business cards for you, nor do they allow any potential buyers to look at a brochure. They try to close you right then and there, without any type of credible or tangible information to peruse. As well, their main office on Fountainview doesn't even have them listed on the office directory!! AND I also noticed no sign on the office door..if that means anything to anyone. You walk in, and they have this hip hop music blaring in another roon, where the people working there are screwing off, and there's a plasma on the wall in the waiting room, with Sportscenter all day..
    (Basically, if you end up working for them, you will be going door to door, sweating your ### off, (in business attire, I might add), selling cookies (aka Quill office supplies)...Come on, people, I did that crap in high school, when I wanted to raise money for my band trip!!! Oh wait, don't forget, you are in a "manager trainee program"...that must mean something right??? geech!!! What a waste of my time...I could have been looking at some REAL employers the day I went out with them. That's ok, I dodged that bullet...

  • Cm
      4th of May, 2008
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    I agree with Christina! The managers for are both intelligent people and are very upfront with the management training program. I worked with one of the companies and it was one of my favorite jobs! Your coworkers are great team players unlike with most places you work. There is a lot to learn as long as YOU listen. People who don't do well with the company are people who are too proud to ask for help or are just lazy. There is a lot to learn about business skills, management, and overall people skills that they can teach you. I loved it, like Christina though I had to leave. If you get an opportunity to go for an interview, check it out. The opportunity is there!

  • Dh
      5th of May, 2008
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    EVERYTHING stated by Jason is correct. When I walked in, I felt as if I was in a quack doctors' office, except they had, as stated before, Sportscenter playing nonstop on the wall (the only reason I stayed), and the girls behind the counter couldn't wait for Wheel of Fortune to come on. In the other offices, all I could hear was people playing, and even saw one office door, which they shut quickly after exiting the room, where there were people throwing a freaking ball around. I'm sorry, but this isn't middle school gym class, and we're not playing "hot potato" for an "A". This is our lives and careers. Anyways, I too went on one of these wasteful trips, where the "trainee" did nothing but talk to guys on her cell phone the whole time. I was with them in BFE Tomball from 9 am-530 pm trying to sell OFFICE supplies that people can just get down the street. without pay! what a waste of a day! plus I turned down around 5 other LEGITIMATE companies for these idiots and their "get rich quick" schemes. Even when the receptionist answered the phone, she stated "CBT Marketing" or something, which I found weird, as they called themselves K & K Consulting to myself over the phone. Then I learned their OTHER company is RYSO Consulting company. these people are a joke, and if anyone remembers Vector and Cutco knives, this "company" is EXACTLY the same. don't waste your time. PLEASE.

  • Jo
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I completely disagree. I used to work for this company aswell as Christina. It is door to door sales in the beggining, but this is just to make sure that you have what it takes to become an effective manager. With the experience I learned at RYSO Consulting as well as the leadership skills, I'm now using them in my current possition, which is marketing manager at one of Houstons largerst yellow page publishers. What these people don't understand is that not every job is the same, so if you can't take the job describtion nor have what it takes to do the job, just leave, they don't need that type of negative vibe. All of the people I worked with are great people and had a ton of fun while working there also. I mean what other company do you know has a team night every thursday or has a company softball team. And as far as the two "dumb as girls who run it" Christina is right Roxy did graduate fron Notre Dame and runs her own company in her mid 20's. Now who is the real "dumb ###"?

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