Ryland home, Noble roofing and certainteed shinglesPathetic failed roofing from 1st year on

I purchased a Ryland home in Winchester Virginia is October of 2008. Only a few months into the process I had to have shingle repairs on my home by the company who installed the roof, Noble Roofing, out of Sterling Virginia. I had to have 2 more roof repairs in the subsequent 3 years and my roof was deemed to be a failed roof within the 3rd year of ownership. After having Ryland's warranty representative get Noble roofing to come out for the first 3 repairs, I finally had a friend of my wife and her family with 15 years roofing experience to come out and repair the shingles that were coming off. He deemed the shingles were failing throughout the roof and many nails were overdriven or crooked and the sealant was not allowed to seal on the shingles. He explained how poorly installed these shingles were and how quickly it must have been done. Funny, a neighbor who works for the government dealing with illegal immigration drove through the days my roof was being installed and 4-5 of the workers sprinted from the house away from the area. Obviously word was out what his occupation was and there was some guilt on their part. Anyway, the following year as more and more shingles came off, I had my stepson's father come and inspect the roof. He did not want to do any work on the roof or make money to repair it, just inspect it for us. He owns his own contracting business in Arlington Virginia (for over 20 years) and he concurred that this roof was horribly installed, nails were driven way too deep causing cracking in the shingles and very poor job making sure the shingles were sealing. Also noticed other things that should have been done that were not. Well, after my 7th episode in 5.5 years I wrote a threatening, well documented letter to Ryland with concerns and dates of repairs and observations by the workers (other than the original installer, Noble roofing) and listed the money I had spent. I hired a wonderful roofer here in Winchester Virginia, Bob Gerring, who had 100's of rave reviews on and upon meeting him I was so impressed by his honesty and integrity. He came out on a Saturday and inspected the roof. He explained that he would replace the area most in need and do repairs elsewhere, but as I had been told by others over the years, This roof was improperly installed and needed replaced. 1 month before that a roofer from Prince William Roofing in Manassas Virginia told me the same thing. In response to my concerns Ryland only brings up that after 4.5 years I was told to send in parts of shingles to CertainTeed as part of my warranty. After having Prince William Roofing and Mr. Gerring all confirm that the roof was poorly installed in the beginning I thought why would I worry about sending shingles in when the installation was the problem. Ryland finally decided to try to appease me and hired an independent 3rd party to come and inspect the roof and decide who was responsible for the roof issues, Ryland the home builder, Noble roofing the installer or CertainTeed the shingles manufacturer. I waited almost 2 months and finally the representative from Ryland contacted me with a proposal to have the company that originally installed the rood to come and do an inspection and hand sealing of the roof. Wow!! Why would I want them to come and do a temporary job of a roof that was failing from year one. The report from the independent inspector concluded that the roof was poorly installed along with other common sense issues such as being installed without starter shingles and no drip edge. I don't think Ryland was too happy with the findings, but I guess they didn't think I would take time to figure all of this out and continue to pursue this. (As the Japanese Naval Marshall and General Isoraku Yamamato said when bombed Pearl Harbor "I fear all we (Ryland) has done is awaken a sleeping Giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve!) Mr. Gerring told me that would be foolish to have a hand seal job done and may cause more damage than good, Many other who have experience in the area of roofing and shingles who have seen my roof have concurred that the only satisfactory resolution would be to replace this pathetic roof job. . Mr. Gerring had completed spot repairs when he replaced 20% of the rood that absolutely could not wait any longer and was constantly blowing off. . No inspection or hand sealing was going to keep the roof from failing. I plan to pursue to get my story out through as many source of media as I can, Facebook, twitter, all teachers in the National education of teachers, Local DC metropolitan Television stations who handle consumer complaints and will pursue possible legal action if I do not get satisfaction. I plan to put ALL my energies besides my family and my job to pursue this and get my story out there. BEWARE RYLAND HOMES!! Also to those in the Washington DC area BEWARE NOBLE ROOFING!!

Jan 20, 2015

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