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Say no to purchasing any new construction home from ryan homes with amenities such as $16, 000 worth of buckled hardwood floors installed by riterug flooring over a moisture laden slab, a bare yard full of deep crevices abs unscreeded rocks, stones, construction debris but no grass and ryan homes project managers (Chad merritt, doug huber, kevin connery, seth foster, jason leydig, kevin walsh) who consistently attempt to insult your intelligence and refuse to address issues of shoddy workmanship especially if you are african american or indian

Jan 02, 2017
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      Jan 13, 2017

    Ryan Homes administered a full inspection of the hardwood flooring June 3, 2016. Several boards were removed and the underlying concrete slab was tested. Based on the results there is no evidence that excessive moisture was impacting the floors from beneath. All of the results were below the manufacturers recommended moisture levels. The individual floor boards also showed no sign of moisture or discoloration. The results received on June 3rd are similar to results received at installation. It is still the flooring company’s / manufacturer’s opinion that excessive topical moisture has impacted the floors. The source of this moisture has not been specifically identified but it has been suggested that long periods of elevated humidity levels and / or topical cleaning or spills could cause joint swelling similar to those specific areas in the home that we reviewed on May 31, 2016.

    During our visit on June 3, 2016 we also reviewed the condition of your rear yard. The issues that have been pointed out have been caused by the removal and lack of replenishment of the pine straw around your foundation and air conditioning units as well as a lack of seasonal / routine yard maintenance. Ryan Homes did have the entire yard aerated, fertilized, and reseeded in the fall of 2015. At that time we discussed the yard’s current condition was a result of a lack of maintenance post-closing. It is imperative that homeowners perform regular & seasonal maintenance including but not limited to frequent watering, fertilization, and periodic tasks such as aeration. At this point Ryan Homes feels that we have completed additional lawn work above and beyond our warranty but cannot continue to offer lawn maintenance / repairs. Ryan Homes would be more than happy to recommend several companies to assist you in this matter.

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