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My wife and I picked the color Autumn Beige for our siding from the key chain swatch inside the model home. Indoors, Autumn Beige looked like a really nice color. However, when it was put on our house the story was different.

At first my wife and I looked at the color and couldn't quite put our finger on what was wrong. We discussed the color being off and looking pink, but we thought that maybe it was the sun or our UV ray sunglasses. Surely this couldn't be a pink color! Well, we went to see the house at different times of day and still the color was off. A couple of family members and friends made comments about the house looking pink, pink-peachy, and salmon. We were like...yeah, we think so, too!

We complained to our PM and sales rep. The PM's suggestion was to get the key chain swatch and put it up to the house. Well, when the swatch is placed directly on the siding it looks like the Autumn Beige that we chose, but step back just a few paces and you see pink.

We soon found out from searching the net that this is not the first time that Ryan has had complaints about this color. We found the Dillon's blog and few other postings citing the same situation with the pinkish, peachy undertones of the siding. The Dillon's situation happened in Summer 2011 and here it is March 2012 and Ryan Homes still hasn't rectified the problem with this color. Fortunately the Dillon's siding was changed but unfortunately, they had to pay a nominal fee. We were told that Ryan Homes would pay half of the charge to remove and replace the siding and that we would be responsible for the other half. This is unacceptable! Ryan Homes should not expect us to pay a fee for an issue that they were made aware of last summer.
It was rumored (from the Dillon blog) that Ryan Homes was supposed to either remove the Autumn Beige from the siding choices and/or issue a disclaimer to customers to view the color on an actual house before choosing. Obviously, this didn't happen in our case.

We are routing this issue throughout the management chain for Ryan Homes and I am hopeful that we will come to a resolution to our liking. We are paying a lot of money for this house and we should be happy about building our dream home!

My advice to all of those individuals who are getting ready to build your house - select your siding color by going to visit an actual house with that color and preferably on a sunny day. If you can't visit a house, take the swatches outside and view in the natural light because the color may be off in the artificial light. Still, if possible visit a house. The samples are so small that if we had viewed them outside, I don't believe that we would have been able to see the pink hue in the Autumn Beige swatch.

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