RXMEDCO / pay their drivers late and insult them

We are some drivers who worked for RxMedco company basically they ahev contracts with insurance companies and gice rides to those who cant drive on thier own.we pick the patients up with our own car and drop them off and take the to hospitals to doc's appointments.
this company is supposed to pay us every 3 weeks but some of us never got out paycheck and since we are considered as independent contractors we cant complain and go to court.
they dont provide you any addressesjust the po box number and they never tell you what the last name of the person responsible for the paycheck is.
the reason they did not pay us on time is that the insurance has to pay the first so that they have enough money n their account.the funny things is that when i got my 1st pay check and went to the bank to cash it they did not have money it thier account.
anyways they have not paid some drivers yet and since they are hidden and we have no proper name of them, just have to forget about the money and let you guys know that dont work for RXMEDCO.

they never return your calls and also when i called them to ask for my money they called me maniac and hung up on me.

i know the owner is barbara but a girl who is susan is the impolite one.

i got to talk to many of them and i think they keep on changing employees and agents, why?figure out.

take care


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