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Shipping from was slow, and expensive. The drip rail was very poorly packaged, and had many chips and dings in it and was even bent in one spot. Very surprising considering the amount charged for shipping. The other product shipped to me was much better packed, but still had several dings and chips in it...I don't know if the damage was for shipping or if they were that way before being shipped. Also don't expect them to ship you the 16' in one length, another reason why shipping was slow was they wanted to cut the drip rail to ship it. Contacted via email, but was not able to respond to the email. Tried several times to respond to the email address in the email, but did not work. Finally got through using their contact us form on the website, which took some work to find. Communication with the owners of the website was difficult, and it is impossible to find out who ran the site or where the company was based out of from their website.


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