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Please review the attached. I joined AMAZON as a Seller on Feb. 12, 2010, and started with the help of a friend, to sell some tools I have. They charged me a monthly fee. They accepted funds from my customers and charged me approximately %12 of my sales... then blocked, froze, and terminated my account giving 3 different, totally untrue reasons. They now FROZE my funds.

This is a scam. After turning 67 and trying something new, I guess scamming senior citizens is the best Amazon can do. Static S.S. payment for seniors will prompt more to turn to online selling "opportunities" to pay expenses. This should be stopped.

You will note in our email correspondence they do not address any questions I have asked relating to their suspension of my account. They even refunded a customer, without getting the merchandise back!

Mar. 4, 2010
Final 3rd email from Amazon:
Hello from

Thank you for writing. After a review of your account by an account specialist, we have decided your account will remain blocked.

If you have further questions about your disbursement or charges to your account, please email

We regret we are unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account will not be answered.

The closure of this account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well.

Best regards,

Seller Performance Team

---- Original message: ----
March 4, 2010

Dear Anonymous writer from "seller-performance at"

I am once again requesting the IMMEDIATE reinstatement of my Amazon Selling
Account (... Tools.) Please take the time to review my correspondence
history (via email) with Amazon. I think you will come to the same
conclusion as I have. For some unknown reason Amazon does not want my selling
account. You have blocked by Seller Account and to date have given a different
reason for each appeal I have made. Three to date. All having absolutely
no validity, as I'm sure you have discovered, hence the continually
changing reply's.

1. Account blocked March 1, 2010, - reason - Seller Performance.
One shipped item was exactly as described. "New, no packaging" I think
the item in Amazon's UPC Code included package. We replied with the remedy
which was disregarded and a new reason was substituted for non
a) funds were deducted from our account for refund.
b) Battery was not returned...WHO Pays for THAT?
c) Balance of account is frozen for 90 days. YOU get the benefit of
those funds for what reason?

2. Reply from Amazon to First Appeal Request: Seller's account linked to
another previously blocked account. Different reason from the first, but
same result; account not reinstated.
Seller's reply that account was linked to another "blocked" account was not
possible and your research was obviously wrong. Read my email reply and

3. Reply from Amazon: No answer to #2. NEW answer is my account is
LINKED to another selling account, ...71 and "Amazon prefers only one seller
a) I did not know a seller could have only one account.
b) Answer from Amazon threatens to "block all of my other seller accounts."
... a) to b) doesn't make any sense.
c) Most Importantly, my account is NOT linked to, or in any way associated
with the ...71 account referred to. Not legally, financially or any other
A person from seller account ...71, helped me set up my Amazon Account
and to list items I had for sale. Is this somehow a violation of Amazon
Rules - One seller teaching another how to use Amazon? I would think Amazon
would appreciate the help in getting another seller site for them.

After your review of this correspondence, you should understand why I
cannot understand the blocking of my account from legitimate sales and the
freezing of my funds for continuously changing and unsubstantiated reasons.

I hope this email finds its way to upper level management as, I'm sure it
will eventually. Your honest reply will be appreciated.

Jack Grosso
... Tools

P. S. If my account is not reinstated immediately, I would request my funds
be unfrozen and forwarded along with a refund of my account fee of $39.99.

Jack Grosso

In a message dated 3/3/2010 4:34:39 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Hello from

Thank you for writing. We appreciate the information you have provided.

After careful consideration, we prefer that you operate only one selling
account on This is for a variety of site safety and security

Your account "... Tools" will not be reinstatement. Limit your selling
activity on our site to your "...71" account. Please note that failure to do
so may result in the blocking of all of your selling accounts.

Thank you for your understanding of our decision and we wish you the best
of luck selling on

Best regards,

Seller Performance Team

---- Original message: ----

March 2, 2010

Dear Gentlemen:

I have received your reply denying the appeal of my account suspension.
You indicated my account was somehow connected to a previously suspended
Amazon Account and you verified this through a search of your records. I
would ask that you please review your search, as I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ACCOUNT
WITH AMAZON PREVIOUSLY. Nor do I know of anyone who has had an account
suspended by Amazon.
With this in mind I have to conclude that your search attached my account
with erroneous information.
Is there a way to speak with a Seller Service Representative to clear this
up so we may be reinstated.
If you continue to deny my reinstatement I would sincerely appreciate you
providing valid evidence of your search linking my account to any other
previously suspended account.
Thank you for your help in resolving this difficult situation of which I
have absolutely no knowledge of.
... Tools
Jack Grosso

Answer to 1st Notice: Mar. 2, 2010
Hello from,

This is a confirmation that we've received your reply. Here's a copy of the message you sent to us.



I am a brand new seller to Amazon. I initiated the account on Feb 12th and started listing items a few days later. I have had a few sales since then.

I understand because the item description listed describes "new, bulk purchase, no packaging" and Amazon's description is with manufacturer individual packaging that we are not in compliance with Amazon's policy. If this is correct, please advise and we will delete the item in question.

With the limited number of sales we have had, it would be impossible to meet a 1% default rate until we have 100 items sold.

In reviewing our statistics, there are no pending problems with any of our sales. We hope that this can be resolved quickly and ask for our
immediate reinstatement.

Thank you for your help.
... Tools

1st Notice: Mar 2, 2010
Hello from

We are writing to let you know that we have blocked your selling account and removed your listings. You may no longer sell on our site. Any subsequent selling accounts that you open will be blocked as well.

We took this action because it has come to our attention that your seller performance is significantly below our performance standards. Your order defect rate (ODR) has failed to meet Amazon’s goal of less than 1%. The ODR is comprised of A-to-z Guarantee claims, negative feedback and chargebacks.

You can compare your customer metrics with the performance targets at the following link:[protected]

If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve your pending sales. Your selling account will remain accessible for that purpose and you are encouraged to ship or refund pending orders.

Any amounts remaining in your Marketplace Payments account are being held in reserve for 90 days from the date your account was blocked. After 90 days, the funds will be disbursed to you, less any amounts paid as a result of claims, including A-to-Z Guarantee claims and chargebacks. If you have questions about these funds, please write to

Your account may be eligible for reinstatement. To appeal our decision, please do the following:

1. Evaluate your selling practices to identify processes that may have contributed to your account’s poor performance. Areas you’ll want to review include your customer service methods, inventory management, and order fulfillment practices.
2. Create a detailed Plan of Action that will correct the problems you’ve found.
3. Send your Plan of Action to the Seller Performance team, either by replying to this notice located in the Appeals Notification section of your selling account (, or by responding to this email at

We review all appeals carefully; however, submission of an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement. We'll notify you of our decision by e-mail.


Seller Performance Team

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