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I've bought a top loader washing machine on account on the 17 December 2014. .took out an extra two-year Warranty witch I paid for, the machine was never used, so in April this year I wanted to use the Machine, it was leaking water, I reported it, the Manager said no its fine I'll send the angecy out, weeks went by, I went back complaing nothing happens, not to worry well send I took it back to the store and the Manager with this attitude and body language, of F...U..Telling us that, when you buy a product you must use it and who says this is the shame product? (Me driving staying out of work every time losing money )I said to him, when the product is sold, it was never said to us test the product, now is easy to say test the product, so I ask his name, He then went on why do you want my name, who are you...I ask one of the staff what's his name, he shouts to her, you don't give my name, then I instructed her to putt down his and her name, so she did.
I've been doing corporate client service training for there retail stores wrote most of the training materials..JD is this the caliber of People you train and employ to be the face of your company? I've have never been so disgusted and humiliated...
The Managers Name ...Isaac Cubek
The staff member whom I instructed. ..EsThurston Didloff

MR Sambaba

Nov 24, 2016

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