Russell NzimandeFraudulent Upgrade

I have been an honest and a reliable customer to Vodacom for 8 years never missed a payment up until my accounts were both fraudulent renewed or upgraded without my consent. This was proven by Vodacom with their internal investigation that indeed a fraudulent activity.
Whilst this matter is being investigated I was unable to use both accounts and my debit order was cancelled accordingly to ensure Vodacom does not debit me for this unlawful activity.The investigation confirmed fraud on my accounts and reversed the transaction however troubIe started when i was expectdd to pay the supposedely outstanding amounts from the period I cancelled my debit order.
It must noted when I discovered that my accounts have been upgraded it was the day I intended to upgrade one and convert the other to prepaid of which i was unable to due to the fraud.Now i am blacklisted due to non payments but i am not the culprit but Vodacom is for failing to stop this fraudulent activity on my account.

Apr 18, 2016

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