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I got ripped off by Russ Ultes from Tampa, Florida who installed my roof under the name US Roofing Systems. Now, after installing my roof with old flashing, used felt paper and failing to replace my rotten wood according to my contract my roof is leaking and US Roofing Systems is no longer in business. Other homeowners in my sub-division who used Ultes are experiencing the same problem. Now, he started another company called Federal Roofing and Restorationand with John Ricci of Charlotte, North Carolina who also managed the installation crews of US Roofing Systems. I tried to locate Federal Roofing and Restoration and have found they address they used is just a place they can pick-up mail but decieve people in believing they have another large comapny. I tried to reach my sales representaive, James Keating of Charlotte, North Carolina and have found he has started his own roofing company. So I gave Ultes a check to replace my roof in the excess of $7, 800 and this man provided me with a roof that leaks, no service and the additional cost of replacing my roof again. What has happened to me and others in Charlotte I have found happened to homeowners in Greenville, South Carolina with Ultes company Precision Roofing, which is now out-of-business. I talked to the Better Business Bureau and they have informed me that they have received many complaints regarding Russ Ultes and his business practices.

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      16th of Apr, 2012

    In the month of December 2011 my elderly parents contracted to have the roof repaired on their home with Jim Keating and US Roofing Systems. The salesman Jim Keating was the only postive experience my parents had with this company. Once Russ Ultes got involved with his partner John Ricci the postive experience went down hill fast. My parents were told that they would not have absorb any cost to replace their roof until Russ Ultes removed the old shingles from the house. Once the old shinglkes were removed John Ricci and himself threaten my parents that they were going to have to pay them an additional $800 or they were not going install the new shingles even after Ultes was paid directly over $5, 000 in cash from my parents. Now, my parents have a roof leaking and cannot afford to have someone else repair what should of been installed properly. After having the roof inspected and doing some research it was found that Mr. Ultes did not remove the old felt, flashing or wood from my parents home, which is causing my parents cielings to be damaged everytime it rains. I checked up with the supplier and was told the company is buying product under the name Alliance Aluminum from Tampa, Florida owned by Lincoln Sziranko and have had difficult getting paid at times from ULtes and Sziranko. Now, my parents neighbor who also used this company informs me that Ultes and Ricci started another company called Federal Roofing and Restoration and closed US Roofing Systems sticking homeowners with roofs leaking all over Charlotte.

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      20th of Aug, 2014

    His new company, Federal Roofing and restoration visited me recently and these guys literally asked me to commit insurance fraud. Upon asking about my roof, I told them that my roof is past its expected lifetime and one area of possible damage was due to siding damage (which was due to me being behind on painting and other maintenance). They said they'd submit it anyways "because the worst thing they can do is say no." I told them that's insurance fraud, to which they gave me some speil about the insurance companies deserving it. Avoid these guys like the plague.

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