Rush Kennel / Bulldog breed

1 NC, United States

I was watching the news tonight and saw that Sheila had been arrested. Which made me think, wow, maybe that is why Holister (my boxer) is so hostile and is so quick to turn at me if I try to tell him "bad" for chewing up something. When he was about 8 weeks old, he became very ill. I took him to the vet only to find out he had bronchitis, similar to kennel cough in a dog. He had to be put on cough medicine, and antibiotics. To a prior complaint, Sheila has breed boxers before because I own one. She has had many breeds in prior years and is constantly changing breeds available on her website. She told me when I purchased my Boxer that Clint Black(country singer) purchased a Lab from her.So what can you believe? The fact that you have to see the puppies in the little small shack was always a little sketch to me. I feel when purchasing a pet you should see where they are raised and their parents so one can get an idea of what size the dog may get. But I do feel it is very possible for her to have breed so called English Bulldogs when they were part boxer. My boxer was purchased in 2001, so I wonder whatever happened to the parents?


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