rush Fitness Center / contract terms

1 Hixson, TN, United States


My wife and I came to the Rush fitness complex and met with sales agent Jeff Young employee#(6004)We were told that we would receive a 12 month obligation throughout our conversation and based on this we wrote a contract with this agent. He purposely misled us into believing that we would only have a 12 month obligation. (we are not the only people that he misled according to Rush Employees that we have spoke to several times.) Jeff was/is an agent of the rush and has a fiduciary responsibility to the people he sells to. I tell everyone I meet about my experience. We are done with the contract on 1/1/12. By the way I called the office 4 days later when I found that our contract was 24 months which he concealed with his hand, then stapled to the contract below it then circled the date out of our site below the original. They pointed out the 3 day look and that they would sue us if we did not honor it. My fault for not reading the contract but this company is dishonest for allowing a salesman to continuing with this practice. They have a 3 day look.. THREE DAYS I WONDER WHY!!! THEY ARE COMPLICIT. How many people never write to the BBB. About them. Their rating should be F- not a C+ that really reflects on the BBB'S inability to resolve issues with such a dishonest company. My Wife and I have never used and never will use their facility and will tell everyone we meet about our experience.


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