Runescape / Runescape offers underage gambling

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This game is now allowing spending real money to buy spins for a chance at winning an in game item on their new Squeal of Fortune. The Jagex staff have stated that this is not gambling because you always win something.

The target audience for this game are teenage boys. Many parents have input their credit card information to maintain continued membership for their child. However, the child can automatically buy up to 200 us dollars worth of spins per day without having to re enter any details.

In my state of North Carolina it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play in any game of chance not related to skill. In many other states online gambling is prohibited period.

So, shouldn't they either remove the Squeal of Fortune or deny access to those living in areas where online gambling is prohibited and to those under the legal gambling age?

It is morally wrong even if it is found to be legally right.

Many may argue that the things you do in the game are morally wrong, but they are not real. The character is not actually, stealing and killing. But, when they added the buyable chances of a carnival type game it is really gambling.

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      10th of Apr, 2012

    Okay, so underage and the definition of what constitutes as gambling is indeed a very gray area. It is still corrupt to stoop to adding these flashing lights and whistles to entice kids to buy more spins though.

    They did however add an additional security measure, where the security pin of your cc has to be entered before you buy more spins, but how many had already spent loads before this was implemented?

    I don't care what the legal or internet definition of gambling is, this is just wrong in my eyes period.

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