Run Local Locksmith / Poor customer service, overcharge for services, scam

1 Jacksonville, FL, United States

On April 24th, my husband locked his keys inside his Jeep. I called Run Local and got a quote of fifteen to get the technician out and fifty dollars max. They said they can have someone out in 15 minutes. I called PopALock and they said it will take 30-40minutes. I decided to go with Run Local because of their response time. That was a huge mistake. They took over an hour and a half to get to my husband then wanted to charge him $120 for the call. My husband has a Jeep Wrangler and it's not that hard to get into. My husband said that it was too much and the guy knocked it down to $80. Their customer service was terrible. We spoke to a Jordan who quoted us the price and then failed to disclose that it was $50 minimum not the entire price. He didn't even ask my husband where his Jeep was, he just assumed it was at our home address. They said someone came out to the house, but I was there and no one came to the door to even make sure it was the correct house and where was the Jeep. Then larger that day I called and was told that Jordan was the supervisor and that he would give me a call back. Hours went by and I called back. I then spoke to a woman whose name I believe was Jessica. She tried to placate me and tell me their policy which in no way occurred. She placed me on hold and said she was going to call the technician, when she came back, she was saying she spoke to him and then all of a sudden was saying hello, and then hung up. I immediately called back and asked for her but Ruthie told me she was out of the office which was strange considering I was just on the phone with her not even a minute ago. Ruthie was rude and hung up on me. I called her back and told her never to hung up on a customer again.

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