Rumah Sosis / Please avoid Vulgar, Filthy & Cheap place to take your children.

1 Jl Setiabudi 295, Bandung, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (022) 2005123

When viewed from the outside, it looks like this place is not great, but once entered into it, new areas have seen a wide and diverse games available there. To enter cost Rp 2, 000 / person. Well this is kinda weird, koq cover charge, yes, it should be free, because for every game will be charged again. THEY CHARGE FOR EVERYTHING Rp.15, 000 - 30, 000 and still get away by treating people with disrespect!

Their theme SWIM (not possible because their water is icy cold 365 days a year and they cannot afford central heating despite charging a lot for everything), EAT (The food is mostly stale with the exception of a couple of dishes.. a 4 year old child can cook better.. Gross food) and PLAY (Each child will spend NO less than Rp.100, 000 on games, still they place is a filthy pig sty)...

The Manager is always absent, they staff laze around never ready to help. The place is run by no one. The Train ride doesn't include a latch or a lock for small kids, anyone can lean and fall out of the door at any time. The whole play area (Rumah Pohon etc) doesn't pass the safety test for kids at all.. exposed slices of wood, worn down ropes, broken slides and shaky stairs complete this zone. Food and drinks littered on the flooring and matting.. dirty, filthy, sticky and flies infected play area.

We aid Rp.25, 000 per member of the family only to discover that they pools are icy with not even 1 person daring to enter the pool in a period of 4 hours.
Even their menu includes non-kid friendly photos of sausages (sosis). Very vulgar animations. SEE: PHOTO ATTACHED.

We won a free ticket for the play area which discluded the complimentary ice-cream. So of course if your children want to eat ice cream, i volunteered to buy it, even if expensive, no problem. Their staff wouldn't allow it, told me i had to go all the way back up, re-buy a ticket for the play area but they kids are crying. Requested them that they have the same ticket in front of them, i can buy it right away, still they were 'cuak' (ignored my requests). So must pain over Rp.2, 000 (Usd 0.22 cents) worth of ice cream that i was ready to pay any price for, even Rp.30, 000 for re-entry.

Instead of helping or at least guiding us to what are options were, they just giggled and laughed wickedly looking at the faces of my poor crying kids. Third class staff.. should fire the whole lot of them. And where is the manager of the place at 3pm in the afternoon, probably sleeping off somewhere?!! Never bother to take your kids to a place that is manager-less and filled with psycho-staff. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN (ANAK ANAK) TO CHEAP, VULGER & FILTHY PLACES!


Rumah Sosis

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