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Rui Hotel & Resorts / hotel and staff

1 Guancaste rui hotel costa rica, Costa Rica

I am making an official complaint to tui as I am really unhappy with service and experience I was provided.
Below is my complaint that I wrote to the rui staff ie the reps as-well as telling them while I was in costa rica also detailed is everything from when I first booked my holiday till now, this experience has been so upsetting and traumatic I feel you as a company should know whats going on and you selling a holiday of a hotel that doesn't not meet any standards and is extremely dirty and falling apart. As you read on you will see the things I experienced while at this hotel in costa rica.

If I had the money while over in costa rica I would have moved to the palace but I didnt have them money was put in a pidigament where I couldn't afford to move $1300 dollars for remainder of 13 days was out of my price range I don't have a credit card I had no extra money I only took a bit of spending money as it was all inclusive hotel I payed a-lot of money for the hotel it was terrible you cant do that to people if someone really unhappy keeps saying to rep then sergio the rep should have moved us free of charge I explained I had no way getting that money he wasn't interested in one of pictures is his reply 5 hours later after me complaining.

In this email I feel there are things that had to wait till I came home and you may have me repeat certain thing again and again but theres so much wrong I feel you need to know as i'm a really unhappy customer and im certainly to the point where I feel I wont be using rui again as you sell holidays that are not to what your putting in your brochures and on website your misleading people into force advertisement

I bought this holiday as a 30th surprise present for my boyfriend a-lot planning had gone into to making it the holiday of his dreams but that was not the case it turned out to be holiday from hell and extremely upsetting for us both

On arrival to the hotel I went to the desk the women behind there asked my name I stated to her this was a surprise for my partner and that tui wallington branch had been emailing to say this was a special occasion the women behind the desk was very abrupt with me and stated they only do things if its the person birthday that month and that there was nothing about it I had to get the tui rep straight away who I explained to him that this had been done, that the wallington branch had been emailing rui hotel. This had been planned and booked for over a year and that I see the wallington branch email them about it.
He came up-to the desk and explained what I told him and them as he was standing there I could see the screen in the most tiniest box ever it had special occasion on it but they were not interested the rep or lady behind desk I felt like crying at this point-as I just knew what our experience was going to be like as if they cant be bothered at start how was they going to be for rest of time it clearly shows in this email.
After having to move rooms 4 times before there was a sactifactory room as two them were dirty hairs in bath paint on bed sheets ect the third room was smaller than the people we travelled with my in-laws and after 4 1/2 hours after arriving I had had enough we were tired the 4th room was still not great as when you read on you will see why the rep didn't help much as he was going home felt like I had to fight it all myself after doing 12 hour flight

You also sell the hotel that it has 5 restaurant a la carte (not true)

You sell 5 star hotel platinum not true only 4 star should not even be that as it is terrible

You sell it has 5 swimming pool not true one big pool 5 different areas very dangerous as-well as kids can just walk into the pool into deep water and there would be serious consequences if parent wasn't looking swimming pool not clean very unhygienic pool also shuts at 5pm cant get beds round pool as mostly dirty and falling apart beach black volcanic sand have to wear shoes all time as burns your feet no unbrellars any for shade first rui resort ive bern to without this you say it 5 star they say they do bingo dart extra no where to be found no activities at sll during the day or at night

The hotel smells damp damp on walls baths are very slippery and not lit correctly for someone with a disability this hotel does not cater for people with mobility problems.
Steps leading down to pool from resort cracked falling apart,
Locals allowed in at weekends this is a complete nightmare there drunk rude abrupt.
Entertainment awful basically just dancing all time boring spoken in spanish all time you felt you had to watch it just to get away from dirty rooms.
Room decor shabby falling apart.
Dirty bed and falling apart falling also beds stained bed bugs in bed pillows like sleeping on lumpy cotton wool.
Chairs had blood stains on them in rooms.
Room smelt damp stains on sheets beds damp.
No one answers when you call down to reception so you have to go down there to them then there being rude to you over complaint.
Entertainment to loud if you wanted to stay in room which I didn't you couldn't watch tv as noise was to loud, the channels are all in spanish so you couldn't watch it anyway, as i'm british I don't speak spanish.
My boyfriend got up at 5am to go to sports bar to watch premiership game back home they refused to put it on no one else apart from my boyfriend and this other guy were in there, I know another guest done same this was disgusting un appropriate, but if the locals or americans asked they got it.
We would have to watch there games this is defentate discrimination.
The buffet staff rude had to get own drinks I noticed they were in other resturants other nights as waiters, think they think they got authority also didn't appreciate we had to wait 45 minutes one night to get into the italian restaurant then 4 hotel young I mean young managers walk straight in sit there start eating as if there guest but they took up a table for 4 that could of actually gone to your guest also they were sat behind us all that kept going off was there walkie talkie this put me off my dinner I was not happy.

As I have explained I let wallington branch know and the reps and hotel know that I have mobility problems with my hips this hotel did not accommodated my needs sticking me on 5th floor where elevator doesn't work most in hotel didn't work so long slow walk was in a lot of

I have allowing a bit of time to make this complaint when I get home as I am so upset and so unhappy with the way this holiday turned out it been nothing but a disaster from start to finish below is everything that has happened in last two weeks also pictures will follow in many diffrent email as cant attach them all due to so many

Tue 6th nov
We cant get drink from swimming bar till 10am which means you have to walk a long way to sports bar to get a drink when your already laying round bar
Flight coming asked to change seats
Coach air con didn't work coming to hotel from airport 5th november 2018 was 90 degree heat
Changed rooms 4 times
They were refusing they had emails from tui uk had to get rep to try sort it he showed them in small box on screen there were emails saying it was a surprise special occasion the lady behind reception was saying we only give special priority if it your birthday month 4 1/2 hours later we finally got a suitable room still not great toilet doesn't flush properly mould in bath and on shower head the hotel run down only 1 lift working on left side hotel we were put on 5 th floor I made tui aware I have hip problems back in uk and over here in costa rica was still put on 5th floor
The pool area near bar smells of sick/sewage
Our room patio door no handle
People screaming through hotel after dark through corridors tv channels only channel in english the news every other channel spanish entertainment terrible starts at 8.30 finishes at 10 then nothing everyone goes to there rooms noticed that the bar staff get people so drunk that there out of it by evening I don't drink alcohol neither does my boyfriend so we felt there was nothing to do apart from go back up to the room watch tv

Key to room keeps falling off key ring in end had to take it off as kept losing big rui tag and had to have key in my purse which I had to carry around with me
Also to open door with key was difficult again anyone with disability not good for them as impossible to open

Elevator that works people graffiti keyed in there initials writing on elevator door

Glasses being left all over hotel not being cleared up at all being left there for days and days you will see in pictures

Wifi you can only have 2 devices free they said to me at reception if you want more devices its £70 dollars to have it thats a joke

Smells of urine in hotel stair case where lift doesn't work at back of hotel near our room 5041

2 restaurants open and buffett we payed for a hotel that had 5 restaurants and we have not got that we payed for 5 star not a 5 star been downgraded to a 4 star I don't think it should even have that.
All the rep were no help when I complained he sent text 5 hours later saying nothing they could do this was meant to be a trip of a life time for my boyfriend he called it the holiday from hell.
I was told by the rep if we wanted to change to the palace it was $1300 dollars to change it.
It wasn't even that much originally when I booked this holiday it was £500/600 more I wished I had booked the palace but every time as I was booking I was advised by wallington branch the guancaster better hotel difference wasn't that much,
I stayed in the palace in mexico with tui & rui but I was informed by tui wallington when I booked they said about the difference in the two hotels was that the only difference is the palace has room service and and is bit more modern and you can use both hotels. This defiantly was not the case so I was miss informed by your agents. And ended up booking the hotel that was a disaster.

The steak house is where lunch buffet is.
Well they let racoons other animals flea ridden cats wonder in I see a dog who could barely breath it upset me I don't want to see bad treat animals on holiday the racoons jump on the tables and nick peoples food this is disgusting and un hygienic

Wed 7th nov I was being refused access to breakfast buffets when I was wearing a dress over swimsuit not allowed in buffett had to go back up-to room change other people in there in bikini tops just shorts for breakfast

Had bad belly most day throughout stay as our toilets didn't flush properly we had to go to communal ones I felt so embarrassed as my stomach was upset from terrible food served in hotel

Thursday 8th nov
I slipped in the bath as I was getting in as no anti slip it had worn away. I hurt my toes as I did this couldn't walk properly
Also there was an incident around the pool where these americans taking our sun beds when our stuff was on them the rui staff was present but didn't say a word just let me defend for myself was scared this was so intimidating

Restaurants are a nightmare to get in as only three open one being buffet as apparently not high season so we could only get buffett most nights or go out to eat which you cant as no where to go nothing round you no towns ect for miles not safe after 6pm anyway.
You cant put name on list for restaurant it a first come first serve basis but don't want to eat at 6pm if you go down at 7.30 they say there shutting at 8.30
You say you have 5 pools its one big pool slip into different areas but all same pool not all bars open.

Friday 9th nov the buffett near pool shutting earlier
On a fri at 2.30 rushing people out hardly no food room not cleaned even with green hanging note on door to make up room had to ask at 3.30pmfor them to clean it then had to wait to get in room not except able as they had from morning to afternoon to do they make you wait when you want to get in there no top sheet given blankets in 36 degrees heat mini bar not stacked keep having to inform reception lobby bar filadelfia closed locals over taking pool at weekend dont feel safe and its nightmare to get near anywhere also cant just leave your stuff on lounger as you dont feel your stuff safe ment to be a holidays to relax enjoy don't feel like that just seems always a problem every day it stressed me out

Saturday 10th mov

Mowing brushes grass from 5.45 am to 8am then stop bad night sleep it a joke locals over take hotel all weekend you pay thousand pounds to stay there and then it taken over by locals you can also see there drug dealing going on in hotel by certain locals in there keep having to unblock toilet entertainment we felt put on for the costa rican locals ive video a bit

Like a porn party round pool people ie couples near pool bar doing sexual things with each other and other guest children could see it-disgraceful disgusting

Sunday 11th
Palace put on a special brunch for remembrance day our didn't when we asked hotel why there said because different class I could afford to go there this was chosen because I was advised by tui wrong they should of allowed british to go in there for that hour to remember our soldiers all rui should of done a service made sergio tui rep aware spoke to him about it

No food in fridge in 24 hour sports bar we going on a trip at 7am buffet not open no food before trip

Pool was packed locals taking over playing own music over bar music

Security was called I went down to reception as group of drunk lads screaming shouting in rooms and in corridor two doors away from our room reception said security was on its way as they had loads of complaints end of night there was fighting in smoking area with to men our room looks down onto that we heard see everything couldn't sleep ad they were so loud this hotel security not safe see them one day on first day

It seems locals come in all bars open and restaurants for 2 days then shut again this is really getting my back up i've payed thousands of pounds don't feel safe at this hotel had no help from tui said they cant do anything. Hotel falling apart massive fight in courtyard with guests 12.20 at night

Mon 12th mini bar not stacked again room not cleaned only beds made but put green card out keep having to complain to reception about beds not being changed and mini bar also every rui I stayed in you normally get small bottles conditioner or moisturiser none since been here been here 7 day shower gel not stocked up cant use it as not hardly any in there so had to buy some

Hotel bars shut now after weekend and locals finished spoke to rep this morning made her aware of every thing thats happened over weekend and about seeing that theres dodgy things going on in hotel with locals

Door to room doesn't close properly you think it closed and its not we came back from dinner last night to door of room open 5041 wasn't us

Reception said mini bar couldn't be sack as people finish at 6pm


Had to complain to reception again 3rd day in row about room not being cleaned and beds not being changed see rep about it as well mini bar still wasn't stack
Security called by other guests again as people screaming shouting for ages outside room in corridor
Again only two restaurants one and buffett
Hotel has bad smell today like sewage smell

Have informed reps about these things but nothing they can do

Keep having boyfriend say how terrible hotel is saying makes him feel anxious being there any time we go on trips he saying doesn't want to go back to our hotel

Sports bar drinks machines not working so couldn't get tea or coffee before our day trip buffett wasn't open

Thurs 15th nov sewage smell bar round pool area today and in hotel
Kicked off at 12 o clock last night in corridor again shouting was scared to go out to see what was going on

Toilet brown coloured water after sewage smell all night didn't want to take photo as was to disgusting to look at

Friday 16th nov
Cockroach in room had to get bed changed as getting bitten terrible took pictures as it def bed bugs as not getting bitten any other time than in bed and my boyfriend hasn't been bitten its only when i'm in bed so think it there's bed bugs in bed bites are terrible rooms has had to be fumigated rep got that sorted room wont be fumigated till this afternoon as staff don't start till 8am guest arriving ie locals found out they get hotel cheaper half price to stay for weekend but we pay thousands to stay here get terrible service
Strimming grass again at 6.15 this morning
No wifi available today
Smell sewage round pool again locals taking over buffett long queues
Found out today that the incident that arose 12pm last night was locals shouting and outside a english gurst room about to urinate in glass snd he was naked the poor english guy had his family including his 15 year old daughter in the room he felt he had to tell the people to quieten down but they were locals he said once he went back in his room as they were beside him they were tormenting him by knocking on his door loud when he opened they run back into there room the guy then went down to reception as he daughter and wife were scared he said he didn't like to go down to reception as were quite away from there as he wasn't happy about leaving his wife daughter after 10 min in a queue at reception the guy said he would send security up it took them 30 min to come up by then the other people who were so drunk had crashed out but this is not expectable as the locals come take over hotel at weekend are rowdy were the ones suffering this is second week in row that there's been ortaction on 5th floor rui staff don't seem to care when you complain also they don't log anything on there system so when we complain to rep nothing seem to get done either you always get that there's nothing they can do

Bar area cordoned off for locals to sit cant get a drink hardly any staff come round to ask if you want drinks so you have to take drink down with you from mini bar to drink then your mini bar never gets gilled up i've had to complain all holiday saying can you fill it up it getting beyond a joke now

Guys on roof of building drinking being loud i've took a video of the guys no security this place is like a night club at weekends rowdy screaming shouting like being in 18/30 hotel cant wait to get back to uk

Sat 17th nov
Smashed bottle red wine slippery all over stairs as your going down stairs to pool area

Don't think room was fumigated just cleaned instead as been in bed all day not well and been bitten terrible in the bed my legs are horrendous covered in bites

Sunday 18th nov
They don't do drink service on beach or round pool on a sunday you have to get it from pool bar yourself which bar area is quite away from beach and even on normal day the bar staff don't come down to beach so was having to get a bottle of drink from mini bar when there was some mostly there never was drinks in our mini bar kept complaining get told they finish 6 your get one point next day. I would have to put in my bag or you was forever up to pool bar which was at least 3/5 min walk I have disability problem this is not right on all inclusive holiday I come on holiday to relax not to run up down to bar all time.

Worst thing of all came up to room after being round pool today to my door to the room open.
I immediately went to the rep told her she apologised but this is unexceptable because we had our luggage out and valuables and passport as was getting ready to come home the next day I was the only one with the key as my partner had been with me all day the maid had left it open.

This truly has been holiday from hell I felt that reps just say sorry theres nothing they can do, just try to fob you off but your telling them about things that are going wrong and there's nothing getting done

In italian restaurant went to get pudding there was a black hair in my pudding from ice cream I showed waiter he was horrified I have blonde hair this really put me off but they didn't change ice cream pots just left them there as I was still sitting there 15 min later so they let other people eat from them.

My boyfriend in the pool cut his leg on broken tiles that took skin back to bone the pool is unsafe tiles falling apart in pool

Workman while people on loungers in pool taking parts out putting back while were sitting round pool there is a picture or video showing this

Staff rude on reception bar staff rude

Pool towel taty stained bathroom towels same

Pool staff ie camera staff annoying asking to take picture every hour this got to point where just didn't want to go in pool when you see them taking pictures of couples families it was creepy like watching them posing as if they were models you could swim you wanted while they took loads picture not only that theres about 3/4 them in pool at a time pool dirty never cleaned next day there always something laying around from day before plastic cups ect

Locals come stay at weekend and get there nights stay half price hotel doing cheap deals for them when we are paying thousands to stay here and getting terrible service
Noticed hotel very accommodating for locals shows put on for them to do with the nationality speaking in spanish all time friday to monday this is not right felt like an outcast there like people never eaten before they scavenge for food piling plates high queue are ridiculous long for food the local bombard round pool area staff accommodate corden off area privately for them around bar area near pool

On one of days I had come up-to the room from pool I had complained that day about mini bar not being stacked again I was sitting on bed talking to my mum on video call over whatsapp all of sudden no knock or anything a hotel member of staff walk in I looked in surprise he walk back out shut door said nothing my mum was going mad as I was in room on my own if I hadn't been on phone to her I don't know what he would said or done I was petrified by that point I cried on the phone to my mum I just wanted to be back at home safe but as i've told you in this email no one was no help not even reps I went down to reception they didn't know who it was who had come to my room just came in also wasn't to bothered told rep all I got was a sorry this was a very scary terrifying experience luckily I was just sitting on the bed not in bath ect no privacy felt like that had been violated

Pictures will follow cant put all as 103 photos

They say this is a 5* star hotel its now way 5* star just been told they lost a star and is only a 4 star

Hotel check out was disgusting called down to reception to come get our bags and 15 min later no sign we then get a call from reception to say you got to check out then they put down on me rudely we had to get case outside the door then the man turned up I said we waited over 15/20 min he said he was on lunch I understand they need a break but one person to everyone checking out he took cases said he put them in the room in reception the next time I see mine it was broke at reception checking out I said to lady we waited for guy to come get cases she wasn't interested she said band so I look at her she pointed to my red all inclusive band she quickly put scissors under it cut it off no explanation to what she was about to do no thank you for staying or anything just rude and abrupt looked at next person as if to say come over I said to her its over hour 30 min till we leave how do we get a drink she shrugged her shoulder so I looked at another guy who was a rep for another company I think at the table area where all reps are he said use the receipt you got to get drinks in sports bar

This hotel also doesn't cater for people with diabilitys
Suitcase was broke at hotel before we left told tui rep was put in his complaint sent that with pictures they broke both handles then when we arrived back to uk I see the bottom was also broke due to the airport staff not being able to lift case

Every time I informed hotel something else was not right ect again the language barrier was a problem things didn't get done also I pretty sure that they didn't write it down every time I complained to them as list would be long found hotel staff on reception wasn't interested also tui reps were same the hotel we were informed by tui rep had lost a star was only 4* when I booked it was a 5 also the restaurant not a carte only one tucan where they wait on you nightmare to get into also the other restaurant italian was buffett only 2 was open and buffett and they shut by 8.30 thats stupid and you can pre book I didn't want to have to eat at 6pm

When I first booked this hotel at wallington tui branch I kept asking about difference from the palace in costa rica to the guancaster I was told it was same only difference was modern interior room service so I was miss sold this hotel after many calls and trips into store I decided to stick with guancater resort as they said no difference really I should of gone off my gut instinct but listened to professionals who said there friend was rep there said it was good I don't believe it now as this hotel was a nightmare

My stay at this hotel was a nightmare I feel you as tui should not be selling this hotel to clients as standards are below low its dirty falling apart theres more than things wrong rui needs to seriously spend alot of money on this place and get it back to standard that rui holds I have stayed in rui before but never to an awful standard this one holds I feel my holiday was holiday from hell was glad to return back to uk when I say I was scared at this hotel I mean I was scared the locals intimidate you the staff rude and abrupt I also felt that most staff don't understand english would just ignore you beach loungers broke dirty our luggage not handled with care from hotel staff from arrival to leaving I could go on and on I couldn't take pictures of everything as my phone had limited space left but most of things you seriously need to listen to people as this hotel is in bad condition and is not what your selling no way platinum no way even 4 star.

My boyfriend and his parents were asked to move on way back on plane as they needed a family of 3 to move because row in front of me had mum dad small child cabin crew said they couldn't stay there because daughter was to young that them seat should never been allocated to them but I payed for extra leg room seat and payed for my seat had trouble both ways this is not expectable

I feel like I was in a prison camp you couldn't got anywhere as nothing is around you apart from tree only way you could go out was if you did a trip I am so glad to be home in the uk
This hotel needs serious money spend on it to get it back to a decent standard also health safety need to check it out as-well as new management and staff need training in better customer service I have stayed at many rui by far this is terrible puts rui and tui to shame

I am giving you 30 day from this date 26/01/2019 to respond to this complaint if I don't here back in that time I will take this much further

Trip advisor clearly shows people who booked with rui on your site that they are extremely not happy with the hotel were all saying same thing about it but i've payed a-lot of money had worst experience ever I will give you time to respond but will definitely if I don't here back will put a bad review on trip advisor and will take it to the obudsmans so i'm giving to time to respond

Kind regards

Cheryl white

Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts
Rui Hotel & Resorts

Jan 14, 2019

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