Rudy's Pety Supply and FeedDo not board your bird here!


I boarded my lovebird for 13 days at $7/day. I returned to pick up my bird, the cage was coverd with a lot of bird poo, feather, food, on the cage lining, perches, toys, food containers.(I had confirmed with the store employees prior to drop off by phone/person if they clean the cages and they told me yes). I know they didn't for all the toys/perches were in the same positions I left them.The food I brought was barely eaten. I feed my bird a lot more food within 13 days. Yet, only 1/3 of the container was emptied. My bird shed feathers for days when I brought him home. Stress and malnutrition.No body can give myself a direct answer. When I asked the store employees whom directly cares for the bird, they respond by telling me that they are unsure and have just started working there recently.The following day I called the store and spoke with the manager, Andy. I explained the unsanitary and unsatisfactory conditions of the bird cage and care. He put me on hold during the converstation to answer a incoming call. He did appoligize numerous times. He said they have been very busy and have been short handed. I told him that they shouldn't be boarding birds if that was the case. I told him that $91.00 is a lot of money for the conditions my bird had been in. I asked for a possible curteousy discount, he said he needs to talk to the "upper levels". I asked if Rudy was the "upper level" and he said Rudy is no longer the "figure head". I left him my number and waited for a call back.Five hours later and no call back, I decided to call the store. Andy answers. He basically tries to talk his way out of dealing with the situation. He confuses himself by saying that he needs to talk to "him" then quickly changes it to "them" when I asked who is "him" and whom is "them". I tell him that I'm not trying to make a big deal but upset. I told him that I came off of a recommendation and that I was impressed by how well they take care of their birds. That level of care was not carried out for my bird. I ask if there is any solution or if I am wasting my time calling. He says, "I'm not sure" and he needs to talk to "them". I told him I look forward to the call. Four days later and still no return call.

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