Rudy Tuesday / Salad bar

I Valerie St.Bernard went to Rudy Tuesday located in Deer Park, New York. Arrived at the Rudy Tuesday, Thursday March 10, 2017 11.45 AM to fine the salad bar in disarray.Half the lettuce. spinach, cucumbers were empty. The carrots was sitting in water. I am a customer that frequents that restaurant at the location at least two to three times a week. I never saw the shredded carrots or shaved carrots sitting in water. I have been going there for the last three years. One of the employee told me they just opened which she began to take inventory, to replace what was empty. Which implied the salad bar was out since last night.
I spoke to the manager Norwell at least that's the name he gave. I ask him to retrieve some carrots not in water he refused.His attitude was less they professional. I Then when I asked for a refund He was like so what, great leave Then when I said i would contact corp. he offer some baby carrots when I asked for shaved or shredded carrots.
I asked for corp Phone number he said he did not have access to it.
So I am very disappoint in the food and the costumer service at that branch and I will refrain myself and family from a restaurant that does not practice good customer service skills
Valerie St. Bernard

Mar 10, 2017

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