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I am a former employee at this establishment. I ended up leaving because the management was AWFUL and I could not keep my mouth shut about it anymore. Jennifer is the most unprofessional manager I have ever encountered in my entire life, and here is why:

1.) She goes out to bars with certain employees and then comes into work and plays favorites with the said employees. For example, there is one employee named Shannon that Jennifer hangs out with on a regular basis; I can think of at least 5 instances where Jennifer has let Shannon leave earlier than she was supposed to so they could go out to bars together, leaving every other employee having to compensate for her absence through increased sidework, etc. Also, Jennifer gives all of her friends at work the better shifts and makes certain exceptions for them that she would never make for anyone else.

2.) She talks badly about employees to OTHER EMPLOYEES while at work. For example, she has said to me personally on numerous occasions how "stupid" and "incompetent" other employees were. She also told me PERSONAL things about other employees that they said to her in confidentiality. For example, she told me details about another employee's family emergency which the said employee wanted to keep private.

3.) She is the most sexist manager I have ever come into contact with in my career. For example, one day a male employee did not show up for a scheduled shift and was NOT penalized whatsoever by her. But, several female employees who have done the same thing have been fired on the spot.

4.) There have been several occasions where Jennifer's boyfriend has come into the restaurant and they sit at the bar and kiss, snuggle, hold hands, etc for the entire rest of the night.

5.) Jennifer is in charge of making the schedule at this establishment. I know it is against Ruby Tuesday policy to schedule opening and closing shifts to shift leaders, but for the entire time I worked there (over 1 year) a shift leader closed the restaurant nearly every single Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

Jennifer is all around an awful manager and made my experience working at Ruby Tuesday and awful one. From the fakeness and talking badly about other employees behind their backs (me included) to the down right unprofessionalism that she portrays on a daily basis, I could not find it in myself to work at this establishment any longer. I loved all of the people I worked with other than her but I will be telling all of my friends to avoid working there solely because of her. Thank you for your time and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Dec 03, 2016
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  • Da
      Jan 06, 2017

    Went to the RT at Troy, OH on 1/6/2017, expecting to have a great meal. I have liked most of the entrees at RT's all over the country, but their BBQ Ribs are to die for. Well, they were. At the Troy store, the salad bar looked like it was getting old, with the dressings skimming over. When my full rack of ribs arrived, I've never been so disappointed in a restaurant in my life. I could hardly get a knife through the meat. They were extremely tough. We didn't ask for a credit and wasn't offered one. On the way home, I got a little queasy. From my experience last night, and some of the comments I've read here, the old song comes to mind, "Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday." The way restaurants are closing their doors these days, this could be RT's swan song sooner than you think.

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