RubMine.sitebeware of scammers!

These guys states they are a group of enthusiasts who are interested in the blockchain system and cryptomarket security issues. They are interested in its improvement and do their best (what?).
The website is easy to check. It's registered about one year ago, one phone number is mentioned, but all other data are hidden. These people are experienced. Experienced scammers.
They offer people to invest from $0, 015 to $750 and promise you 5, 3% of withdrawals every day.
Looks like they didn't care enough.
If you want one more proof they are scammers you don't even need to invest. Just read their rules. You will have to agree with everything they do. Then you will have to find out that they don't care if you suffer from using this platform. And if something претензии leads to a reduction in the amount to be paid then it's not their fault either. Ok?
What's the conclusion? It's clear. Stay away. They are scammers.

Dec 03, 2018

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