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Rubies Of Eventide / Donation scam!

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Rubies of eventide. This game has been around since before 1998. It is a privately owned production and started off as a MUD. They seem to increase their graphics and state claims to make the game "mainstream" or to actually produce and release this game to the open public as a complete work however they are doing nothing of the sort. This game has in fact done nothing other than keep their server limit very low, increase the graphics and ask for donations. Many people donate however the game is still incomplete after all of these years.

This game is a scam simply to get you to donate to them when your donation actually does not benefit you or the game itself. All it does is line their pockets with a little extra cashflow while you play a game with a few "benefits" to make it seem like your donation was worthwhile. Think you have a voice to complain about certain aspects of the game or the way they moderate it? No. If you complain your post will be deleted, your account will be suspended or banned and they will mock you and tell you to "get over yourself".

This game is a fraud and a scam. It may seem becoming at first however after years of playing this game on and off I can assure you it is going nowhere and is simply there to rip people off who donate without actually give you any added service. Even if you do donate you do not have a voice in any matter or any opinion at all.

They will even suspend/ban or silence you simply for using abbreviations such as "wtf" or "lmfao" and such. It is ridiculous and I wish the public to be aware of this atrocity.

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  • Ma
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    I'm sorry you feel this way. The game is already released and open to the public so that's not what they are attempting to do. The game is more of a community than a game, and is completely volunteer run, all the developers and staff have actual jobs and develop the game in their spare time, thus development is slow.

    About the part where you said they ban you for voicing concern, this is completely untrue, and this can be mainly exemplified in the fact that there is an area in the official game forums just for that exact purpose. Also using the abbreviations wtf and lmfao I have never heard of anyone getting banned over using those abbreviations, unless they are breaking a rule, a staff messages them warning them about breaking the rule and they reply with something like "wtf man?" or "wtf, that's gay" etc. not just because they say wtf they don't get banned, it's because they use it when fighting with a staff over a previously arisen issue.

  • Pl
      6th of May, 2008
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    It a free to play game. If you wish to donate players can. Nobody forces anything. Also the link is wrong. Its the majority of suspensions are for ignoring staff, botting, or abuse of fellow players. Most banning are not permanent.

    Its a free to play game. The game has and is being worked on by volunteers. It had a .96b client and numerious updates in it. There has been server updates (nobody sees these). I think the complainer needs to view the game for what it is.

  • Ru
      6th of May, 2008
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    Where I can say that updates have been long in coming, I have seen changes. Your information about where the donations go is un based and biased. When you are faced with limited funds with a volunteer staff you place the funds where they need to go to support the end product. Things like Bandwidth and co-location sites cost money it is not donated space on a server. They have to pay expenses. When you see the number of donations compared to the number of expenses, it probably leaves a fine line to work with. I do agree with majesta it is more family or community than a game there. I am sorry you don't see it for what it truly is and see it as just another game with bells and whistles. I respect your opinion you are entitled to it after all, but understand that you do not understand any more than we do. You say that posts are deleted and people suspended and even if you pay you do not have a voice... um reality check... I haven't seen another game out there (or business) for that matter that gives players/customers a full say in how their business is run. So because they don't add what you think should be added or take out what you feel should be taken out you run and call it a scam. I for one will be playing for as long as they let me. I am going to donate my $50.00 a year and spend time with the community. I will have to say though for being a "scam" it sure is funny how no one has been pushing me to donate either... I haven't to date but after writing this, I think I will. Maybe two accounts one for my daughter too. It is hard to find a good RPG community that isn't full of cursing, newb calling, or being called a haxor because you just know how to play better. Comments are welcome hit my e-mail address, but you can't change my mind personally, maybe someone elses.

  • Gn
      6th of May, 2008
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    I have played Rubies for well over a year. I agree with all the responses to this complaint. I have donated on two separate accounts. I for one am glad to help out the staff. Which is all voluntary and means they DO NOT receive money for the running of this game. Do you think that you can run a game of this magnitude for nothing? Most who play this game do not donate. Very few ever do. I know some of the staff even spend their own money to keep this game up and running.
    Their are rules to this game just like any other game you may play. Tell me, if you were to have a young child play this game and they sees responses like WTF or LMFAO or some other type of language then how would you feel. I myself would not want my boys to come to me asking what it meant. This is a game for all ages. The rubies community is like an extended family. I have many new friends as a result of this game. Next time before you post a complaint get your facts straight.

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