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On the Apple App store I left a polite but negative & factual review of RT News app. Within a few minutes they immediately Black Listed me from all RT News reviews. It turns out that Apple gives 1st right of refusal to black list anyone the app maker wants to blacklist.

My RT News comments were only factual and proven by US government CIA & FBI reporting that Russian Television news is state run and therefore it's intent is solely & purely Propaganda, False News and filled with news that is vanilla in nature and NEVER ANYTHING EVER critical of Vladimir Putin.

Check for yourself. Test my facts and visit the website and try to identify ANYTHING CRITICAL. You SHALL find ZERO. KGB - called FSB now - has already read this and they may now maintain 1 flaccid self-created "news story" about Putin to appease critical Readers.

The day the journalist that Vladimir Putin tried to assassinate around 2/3/17 in Moscow the start was front page news all over American News Sites but was ENTIRELY MISSING from RT News! Also, you will Always see information -true and false - that is only intended to undermine your own United States of America democracy and peace. So be aware of this organization.

I'm certain they're reading this before you.

Point here is that the news service is supposed to be all important news. Not

Feb 04, 2017

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