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Contact information: took my money for a 3-month membership, then after barely 30 hours online they decided to disable my profile. What was the reason? I simply used an encrypted and private web browser - TorBrowser - to access my profile! After contacting RSVP support I was finally told it was because of their "security feature." An IT security consultant by trade, several emails to RSVP remain unanswered. A fax sent to the CEO of Fairfax Media (the owners of requesting an escalation to senior management at RSVP for resolution remains unanswered. A PayPal dispute has been lodged but at the time of writing, RSVP has not answered the dispute email. RSVPs Terms & Conditions appear significantly biased against the user/member and in favour of RSVP, which may infringe Australian Consumer Law. RSVP's T&C state that they can delete ANYONE'S profile for ANY reason WITHOUT having to provide a reason or justification. Does this mean if they don't like your race, or hair colour, or skin colour, or occupation, or use of grammar then they can delete your profile or ban you from the site? It appears so! Is this fair - NO. Is this right - NO. They also refuse to provide a phone number to allow aggrieved members the opportunity to speak with a real person, and probably for good reason - an internet search reveals a large volume of complaints against RSVP. On the other hand, eHarmony makes available a toll-free phone number AND a live-chat window. I have lodged a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs. I urge everyone who has ever received dubious service by (or they have refused to refund you) to do the same. You're a consumer and thankfully, a number of Australian consumer protection agencies can assist. Would I recommend to anyone? My answer is a definite no - I'm feeling scammed/ripped-off. Buyer beware.

Jan 12, 2015
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  • Da
      12th of Jul, 2008 - Borrowed money to get home

    The person was mugged in Nigeria, she either between Nigeria & England spending the money. Supposed to be back in Sydney. The money that she promised to pay back.

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  • Is
      13th of Jan, 2015

    Buyer beware! Barely 30 hours after purchasing a 3-month premium RSVP online dating membership, I attempted to log in to my profile a number of times but kept receiving the message USER NAME DOES NOT EXIST. Thinking I may have inadvertently deleted my profile I contacted customer support via email. I was advised by RSVP that my profile was deactivated as "a security measure" because I accessed it from a different IP. You read it right, RSVP inactivated my profile simply because I used an encrypted web browser (TorBrowser) to access the website from another computer. It wasn't until I made enquiries that RSVP advised me of this. My profile is professionally written. My photos are current and conform to the requirements. I didn't use offensive language on my profile. For some reason, they took offence to me using TorBrowser. Two emails to Nathan in customer support remain unanswered almost 4 days later. They are yet to respond to PayPal's dispute email. In fact I had to escalate to the CEO of Fairfax Media (the owners of in the hope that my complaint will be actioned by someone in RSVP. RSVP's Terms & Conditions are also significantly imbalanced, favouring them over the paying customer - they have the opportunity to delete or edit anyone's profile at any time without having to give a reason or notice. Does this mean if they don't like your race they can delete, or if they don't like your inability to use proper grammar they can delete, or if you're not attractive they can delete? Apparently, yes. Is it right? No, of course not. DON'T provide a phone number, so those aggrieved may find it difficult to have an issue resolved - a thorough search didn't find a phone number, so they must go to lengths to hide it. eHarmony, on the other hand, openly list a toll-free number AND a live-chat window. I have since decided to lodge a complaint about with Consumer Affairs. I urge anyone who's received a similar (unsatisfactory) experience to do the same. Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend that people NOT join I'm a paying customer and I'm feeling like they've scammed me. So much for being a Fairfax Media shareholder and loyal customer - taking my business elsewhere.

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