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rss publishing Resource Grant Search / Refused refund of $59.95 for unauthorized Grant 'Club' Membersip

1 2232 S. Nellis Blvd. Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 866-528-6550

Paid $1.98 for CD Shipping costs on 1-6-09. On 1-14-09 I was charged $59.98 for unauthorized credit card purchase for a bogus 'Grant Club Membership'. On 1-20-09 spoke to 'Kevin', a manager not allowed to give last name, refused to refund. Ask for the name of the president, not allowed to give their name-didn't know their name...thoroughly disgusted and outraged. Told me to write a letter to the no name president..
What a scam!
Peggy Benz

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  23rd of Feb, 2009
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I am tottaly with you on this, this is a bogus program, and all they want is the money we have and no refund, I am very upset about this as well!!!

  16th of Mar, 2009
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Thanks for all of your input on RSS Publishing. I had been taken by a timeshare fraud once, swore I would never get fished in again.Yet, the allure of "free money" was more than I could resist. Thankk God for all of you that post your experiences online! I had filled out the form, then something didn't feel right about this. Did a google and I thhank you all for sharing your experienced now.

  24th of Mar, 2009
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Dear Peggy,

We offer our apologies. We have checked your records which shows you have exceed the trail period and that is the reason you have been charged. You have joined on 06th January, 2009 and have cancelled your account on 20th January, 2009.

When ordering the free CD, you have also signed up for a 7-Day Free Trial to the Grant Search Center membership site, which can help you get Government & Private grants using the tools and strategies inside. After the 7-Day Free Trial period, you continue to enjoy full membership at an affordable $59.95 per month billed automatically to your credit card if you do not cancel. You also agreed to the 14 day bonus trial to Paid Surveys Database for $17.67 a month thereafter, should you choose not to cancel.

We do our best to disclose this as it is stated on the sales page, the order page, and on the thank you page after placing your order. You can also see that it is disclosed in the Terms and Conditions of the offer. Rest assured, this free trial offer can be cancelled at anytime during the trial periods or anytime thereafter by simply calling (866)-528-6550 (Mon-Fri 9.00AM to 6.00PM CST) or online as outlined. You can also cancel by going to

If you still have any concerns or question please call us on 866-528-6550 or you can email us at


  24th of Mar, 2009
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Dear flowerchild5124 and Dawn,

We would like to help you but with information you have provided us we cannot find your account. We request you to call on 866-528-6550 (Mon-Fri 9.00AM to 6.00PM CST) or email us on so we can help you to our best.


  21st of Nov, 2009
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Tom is completely full of crap. By disclosing anything on a website, you have not fulfilled law with regards to all of these bogus charges. I was duped into signing up for this crap too, and received the same charges. $39.95 a month for the Grants, and $7.45 a month for Paid Surveys.

The worst part about these ###s is that they send you a bunch of spam as part of "paid surveys". There is nothing paid about it, and for the amount of time and effort you'd have to put into it to actually get paid you could do all of this on your own.

I am in the process of contacting an attorney and am considering a lawsuit. I'm also going to contact the attorney general of Nevada, as well as the United States. I am going to investigate how many laws this company has violated in the process of scamming people out of money.

This is absolutely the worst kind of fraud that is perpetrated. And just posting disclaimers on websites is not sufficient. You are required to notify of charges via US Mail when billing.

Complete and total fraud in need of someone going seriously legal on them and suing the crap out of them.

The worst part about all of this is that I was unemployed and bored when doing this.

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