RSG Automotive / Automotive ripoff

I took my car to RSG Automotive to have the oil pan replaced because the drain plug was stripped out. I provided them with a new oil pan to replace the old one with. A few weeks after paying for the repair I took the car to another shop to have the tires replaced. While the car was elevated on the rack, I checked on the oil pan repair. I discovered that the oil pan had not been replaced and that the stripped out drain plug still had the temporary oversized plug that was in it when I took the car for repair at RSG Automotive. The mechanic at the tire shop agreed with me that the oil pan had not been replaced.

When I confronted the owner of RSG Automotive he not only denied that the repair had not benn done, but threatened me physically.

I am not only out the cost of the repair (that was not done), but also the cost of the replacement oil pan that I provided to RSG Automotive.


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