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RS Talent Search / Unprofessional

1 1177 Fife Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Review updated:

Hi I am writting in to regards of The agncy named RS TALENT AGENCY. I feel i have gotten ripped off. I paid Rachel with my hard earned money and did not get a PROFESSIONAL photo shoot, nor did i get my 10-8x10 photos i was promised. She is very unprofessional. In the proposal it says we get a 'PROFESSIONAL' shoot, i dont consider her being a professional photographer.nor do i think the jobs she got me were any greater.Its the same job over and over. And you dont even get paid for weeks. U can call and call BUT she will not answer but yet while in class she answers all her calls. She avoids confrontation from clients that are not satisfied with her "work".She makes promises that she can not keep, after recieving her promises she does not comply and avoids you. When she wants a photo shoot done ( mind you over a year goes by) she calls. I just personal AM NOT HAPPY! she should get shut down because i dont think she has a license. I dont see one neither is providing a license for others to see. She is asked about it and responds " I will get u a copy" then once again AVOIDS u . This is not a great place to put ur children in. She makes young girls look like old 1980 hookers in her shoots.
I am not happy with my outcome. Hopefully someday she will know how it feels to be AVOIDED and Ripped off!

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  • Ha
      18th of Feb, 2009

    i disagree i got my photos done and im very happy.

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  • An
      25th of Feb, 2009

    It happened to my cousin too...very unprofessional!!!

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  • To
      27th of Mar, 2009

    Well I have been rachels client for along time ..I feel her shoots are professional and she is a busy women sometimes she doesnt answer her phone ...she has a company to run ..and as for the way she makes her models look like 1980 hookers dont be so fast to judge her work ..
    second of all the jobs she gets are professional and it takes time to get the pay out not like she gets cash right then and there maybe try another company n the same thing will happen u dont get paid same day !! and as for taking so long she does have alot of clients and many more things to do !! so grow up and realize things arent fast fast !!
    when u work do u get paid same day no i dont think so b4 u start calling her down u should look at urself !!

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  • To
      27th of Mar, 2009

    I also Agree .. I just got a job acouple of days ago that made me alot of money may be the same job over and over again but at least its a job ..good things will happen to those who wait and believe in themselves .. yes and rachel has over 150 happy clients who have been with her for along time .. I think u guys r under estimating how much work she really has to do ! but she always made me feel like # 1
    i dont understand why people are saying she unprofessional in her shoots and stuff shes had training for over 10 years and you have only been in this industry for how long I'm sure u think u know way more but actully hunny u dont ! and if u dont get other jobs maybe u need more training and that was she does she wont assign u for a jopb if she thinks u r unable so just try to better urself and cut the negitivity !!

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  • Rs
      14th of Aug, 2009

    thats a good point, I disagree, her photo shoots are very good, I get mine done every year. You have to invest in yourself in getting work, so getting shoots is fun and worth it.

    I think that people need to stop being soo negative about others. Rachel is awesome person to be around with, she makes you laugh, and feel comfortable, I will always use her, she even offers payment plans, so what agency does do that?

    she is awesome in my world. I have been going to hear for years. Stop hating and start doing something in your life that means things instead of being hateful to others because you cant do what she does.

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  • Th
      19th of Sep, 2009

    Quit being Jealous Girls
    your not getting yourself anywhere
    with all the LITTLE things you say
    keep talking your not getting anywhere with your attitudes.

    Im satisfied
    live your own lives and dont hate ... it will only come back to you,
    and quit talk bout people
    from the young 1 jaz.

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  • Ki
      31st of Mar, 2011

    I knew I couldn't be the only one who encountered George Spooner's unprofessionalism. Like the others who have made complaints over the web, I too had a friend who claimed George was great. Over the past few years, although he was very difficult to get a hold of (mailbox full, unreturned calls and emails) after some persistance I was able to get an appointment with him. However this year was a different story-I can't even say it was bad service because there was no service at all. I politely tried to reach him via email, text, voice mail and even through a friend to no avail. I made one last attempt and he finally answered saying he's too busy and I should find someone else to do my taxes. Not only was it extremely unprofessional to treat a loyal custmer that way, it was rude that he blew me off and waited two months to tell me he wasn't available. So I'm writing this to save other people the hassle.

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  • Ju
      7th of Aug, 2011

    When Stephen Daugherty of McKeon & Jones Income Tax Service did my tax return, he complained that there were too many ### in San Francisco.

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  • Ge
      1st of Sep, 2016

    This person is not a client whatsoever. She explained her tax situation and I did not feel it could be done in a timely manner as it was a mess. That is not my fault and not a valid reason for a complaint.

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