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We have ordered pizzas from this place for over two years. The pizza was never any good, but they were always pretty fast. After I ordered the pizzas this last time, paying $24.00 for two(2)large pizzas,

I went to pick them up and they forgot to put on the sauce. They were burnt around the edges, frankly they were not even edible. After about a 4 minute phone call with a polite employee there, he told me to bring them back and they would remake them. As I picked up my keys, wallet and the pizzas my phone rings, and it was Domino's Pizza Manager (Mr. John David Lough). He tells me that HE is not going to do it and we are just going to have to eat it the way they are. I drove over there anyway, just to show him the pizza's. When I got there he was walking out to his truck and the employees quickly pointed to him in the parking lot. I called out to him and started walking towards him.

By the time I got up to him, he called out to his employees to punch out his time card. He pulled off his shirt, flexed his muscles and hit me twice in the chest. I told him that he will not have a job here by next week. I turned to my car to leave and was met by three more employees. When I went to back up, they all started to beat on the back of our brand new car. The worst thing about this was, he called the police on me and had me arrested and turned the whole story around. I have my phone records of the calls to them and they have surveillance of what happened, but when I called Mr. Glenn Mullier C.E.O.(in Gulfport, MS.), Brother of Richard P. Mullier(The Owner of RPM, Inc.- Domino's Pizza). He does not care one bit about how his Managers treat their 'CUSTOMERS'. Two weeks later, they were selling their Large Pizzas for $4.99/ea.

My wife and I and all of our family and friends will NOT be buying any more of their pizzas again in this lifetime.


Domino's Pizza Mission Statement: "Exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.

Domino's Pizza Guiding Principals: We Demand Integrity Our People Come First We Take Great Care of Our Customer We Make Great Pizzas Every Day

We Operate with Smart Hustle and Positive Energy JOHN DAVID LOUGH says, "You will just have to eat it the way it is" "We know where you live, M.F."

******From my experience working for Domino's Pizza as a Delivery Driver, As long as the Managers give complimentary food to the Police, you can do no wrong.******

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  • Th
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    I've worked for domino's for well over 4 years and ive never had this problem. We have always treated our customers with the upmost respect. So in my eyes you cannot base one store upon what is it? almost 900 dominos? Perhaps you need to either go to a differnt dominos and you might see a differance.

  • Ga
      8th of May, 2018
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    I am a brand new gm for RPM Midwest. I apologize on the behalf of a foolish and frankly what seems to be a weak leader. If you could kindly refer to me that store number, I will Gladly make sure he is fired and those other three employees as well.

  • Su
      8th of May, 2018
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    Eight years too late.

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