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10/15/2008 Met with property manager Michelle in reference to managing my rental and I also had a witness there at the meeting. I specifically wanted to know about the marketing of my property and she told me it would be on several search engines, the company's website and I told her so there will be a picture as well as a description about my property and she agreed. I was to pay $100.00 for the marketing, $50.00 for an account to be setup and $50.00 for a year of service. I told her I wanted a list of the search engines and she said she didn't know them all, but later when she returned to take pictures she would provide the list. I paid the $200.00 and she told me everything would be listed by 10/17/2008. Later that afternoon she returned to take the pictures and still did not have the marketing list and gave me my copy of the contract and promised to email me the list once she spoke to there web designer. Special note the copy she gave me was not signed by Kenneth Opp which is the owner of the company therefore making it not a valid contract. I noticed on 10/17/2008 part of my ad was on there website and on 10/18/2008 was the full ad. I look on Craig's List which is one place she mentioned and there was no ad and I look on 25 different search engines there was no ad and finally the Columbian and there was no ad. The only thing on the Columbian was a basic ad promoting the company, but not my property. I was finally able to reach Michelle after several tries on 10/21/2008 and told her about my marketing concerns. I told her I wanted to know what I was paying for because I couldn't find my ad. I wanted to know where I was located and she stated on the company website and I reply okay that's free where else? She state Craig's list and I told her I didn't see it on Craig's list and that is a free site where else? She stated Home Options and I stated that is a free site and where else? She said several search engines and I replied where? She still did not give me the names. I told her what happened to the Columbian because all I saw was a basic ad for their company. She said that refers buyers to your property. I replied that ad you put in on a regular basis and it does nothing to get buyers to my property because it goes to your website showing all your properties and I don't see what I am paying for because you promised the Columbian, etc. and have not delivered. Michelle stated she was not going to be treated this way and she would cancel my contract and refund my money except for $70.00 for their website because the account had not been setup. I told her if she felt that way fine when can I expect my refund? She promised to take care of it the next day and hung up on me. I left her a message stating she was unprofessional and reported her to Jennifer the office manager. I received a rude email from Michelle on 10/24/2008 stating she was not going to refund my money because they had done everything. I called the office and asked to speak to the owner and was told he was leaving to go out of town and Jennifer claimed that I was not due a refund even though I had been promised one and I said I would pursue it further. Jennifer also sent me a standard letter canceling the contract and it was not mutually decided, but decided by them. I reported them to the BBB and hope that everyone who reads does not do business with them so that you are not mislead.

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      Dec 16, 2008

    similar problem

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  • Pr
      Oct 01, 2009

    Do you have anything else going on in your life besides causing trouble. Perhaps you should have saved your $200.00 and marketed your property to all the free services and search engines yourself. It takes time to register your add on all these sites. What the hell do you expect for $200.00. Just reading your complaint or book you seem like an ###.

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