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Never buy any holiday package from RPC. Once they have sold you the package, the sales team shrugs off all responsibility from even TALKING to you (although they will assure you that they will personally get the booking done once you sign up - its a 100% false promise). Half the time they will say we sit in Chandigarh, bookings happen though Kolkata office, and half the time they will say the OPPOSITE!!

I am a priority member, and was given a list of 5 star hotels as to where they will take my booking. after taking the money, they say there is no availability in these hotels, , as per current availability these are the options available - 1 four star property (old) and rest all three star.

They dont take bookings in april and may for ANYWHERE. I'm trying to get a booking done as of today. When I asked about July, they say its too soon. And for april and may its too late - they have no availability anywhere!!

Its a big scam - they will offer a 5 star property and say that for this, you will need to pay extra!! (~4-5K per night).

Sincere request - Please dont be fooled by their promises. They will sound sweet and assuring before selling you the plan. After they receive the money, the people at their call centre are downright rude. Plus they dont listen to you if you tell them that at the time of sale such and such promises were made. They will flatly refuse to acknowledge it and say - it does not work like this i cant do anything about it. thats it.

i was fooled. i wish that nobody else should suffer the same. Please dont transact with them for ANYTHING. you will thank me later.

Apr 17, 2014

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