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RP Subscriptions / Fraudulent Demand Draft

United States Review updated:
I recently noticed a fraudulent charge on my bank account in the amount of $34.99. This was in the form of a demand draft payable to RP Subscriptions. There was an 800 number on the check, so I called and reached a third party billing service. The lady I spoke to is supposed to be giving me a credit, but I'll wait and see if that happens. I am in the process of closing the account. What a pain! Anyone else have this happen to them?


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  7th of Jan, 2009
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Yes! This happened to me as well. I was balancing my checking account and found a suspicious charge from "payment systems" RP Subscription, with a phone number 866-878-0935 and a reference number.

I called the number and finally got through and supposedly they are reversing the $24.95 charges. They referenced that it was connected to an adult website but I think this is just to throw me off the trail.

I have contacted my bank and filed a fraudulent activity report. From what I can gather this is related to propay accounts.
  20th of Jan, 2009
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This happened to me in late Decemeber and
When I called in early January to question the charge a guy told me I signed up for a subscription but didn't not know what but was still within my 30 day window to cancel and said they would refund. I had an unauthorized draft from Classmates over the summer and just figured it was them again. I tried to remember if I had gone to a website to register for anything and nothing comes to mind. Plus they have an address on the canceled check that I have not lived at for years.

I read in one posting that one of you sold Mary Kay and I so did a few years ago and probably when I lived at that address. Scary!

When I called tonight because the money has not been returned to my account - I got a recording that the number is no longer in service!!! They drafted my account $34.95. This sucks because maybe they could do this again. I hope they get caught.
  21st of Jan, 2009
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Hi Cafe36, exact same thing happened to me. I also sold Mary Kay many years ago and had a ProPay account. They used my maiden name and an old address on the check (same name & address that I used with Mary Kay). You need to close your account. My bank reimbursed me for the fraudulent charge, and I'm sure yours will too--just fill out an "Unauthorized Item" form. I called the number on the check and was told that I could cancel and they would refund my money, but it never showed up. I think that number is part of the scheme too. By calling it and giving a reference number you are verifying that the account is valid. They will probably strike again if they know the account is valid. If you go to 800notes.com and type in the 866 number, you will see posts from other victims too. They hit a lot of people. Good luck!
  25th of Mar, 2009
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This also happened to me! It hit my account back in December, and I just got around to following up on it...the charge on my account was 24.95...I also did Mary Kay and had a ProPay account...what a scam!!

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