Rp Health Spectrum, Inc / false claims on &free& vacation

1 Melville, NY, United States

This company called me and my fiance and claimed we won a free vacation package. They told us all we had to do was go down to the showroom in Brooklyn to see an advertisment on the products they offered. OVER-PRICED COOKWARE. First off, the gentleman doing the presentations smelled and acted like he had been drinking. He was very "in your face" covered in tattoo's and something did not seem right. At the end of his little comedy routine about how awesome his pans were, he sat down with each couple one by one. He was very aggressive about prices and persuading people to buy into this "one time deal" Nobody bought anything and the reason I know that is because he kept us there until the very end. I just saw people leaving one by one. Then is was our turn. Once he spoke he confirmed my suspisions of being intoxicated. He reeked of booze. I asked him to explain the trip to us but he continued to talk about prices of the cookware. Sorry, Mr. Crazy man (His name is Matt Rubin) I do not want to give you my social security number, let alone money for cookware that cost 2000.00. He continued to push until my fiance cut him off and told him flat our we were NOT interested. He gave us our trip, walked away and started to take down his display of cookware. The trip in itself is garbage. There are a bunch of blackout dates, and very hard to book. If I were you I would not waste my time with this company. Everything from the second we got there smelled of scam. If I can save an bride 2 hours of misery then this post was worth it!!! good luck brides and be careful <3 Kelly n Steve Mineola, NY :)

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