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Roz Robinson Chris Dove / Have not sent refund on horse purchase

1 Ranchester and Worland, United States Review updated:
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I purchased a Miniature mare for a broodmare through Chris Dove at DMH Miniatures in Worland WY, from an ad she ran on an internet sales board. The mare was owned by Roz Robinson of R&R Miniatures of Ranchester WY. The mare was advertised as a bred mare. I did not have her preg checked prior to purchase because if she was not pregnant, I would breed her to one of my own stallions. Not only was the mare not pregnant, but will not settle due to a very low thyroid imbalance. The mare is grossly overweight due to this also. When I advised them both of the problem in about a month after the mare arrived here, Roz told me that if she had known, would not have sold her and told me she would take the mare back in April 2008. When I heard nothing further about a refund or arrangements to get the mare home, I emailed again and it started a two month cycle of either being ignored completely or a run around- trying to blame the non pregnancy on a young stallion that the mare had been out with all summer, then tried to trade the mare back for that stallion (I already have 2, and certainly would not want one that she implied might have fertility issues) and no refund. Roz again told me June 9th that she would send a refund and asked how I wanted it sent. I gave her the information. Several more days passed and no refund arrived, nor did I hear any more about arrangements to get the mare home, though I asked 3 times. In mid to late June, I presented her with a deadline to do something about the refund and getting this mare back to her (the shipping was to be shared, by the discussion). She then replied she refused to send a refund until I paid the ENTIRE cost of shipping the mare back to her. Neither Roz nor Chris have responded to emails since. I had given them til the end of June to make this right, two and a half months. I advised in my deadline email that if they did not stand behind their word, I was going to start filing complaints. When they failed to repurchase this mare and work on shipping arrangements with me, I filed several complaints- including to the Admin of the sales board Chris advertised on. When questioned about it from the Admin, they both told nothing but flat out lies regarding the entire issue from beginning to end. I have kept every piece of documentation on this deal, and was able to prove it was nothing but lies- resulting in their being banned from using this very popular sales board. Chris Dove ran the ad, then denied she did and denied that she had anything to do with the sale at all, though I strictly dealt with her ONLY through the first several WEEKS after my initial inquiry, including her fowarding the banking info to me for full payment of the mare BEFORE she was allowed to leave Wyoming. Roz, the owner, admitted to me that she had had another mare that had a thyroid imbalance, so she is familiar with the problem and I believe by this mare's weight & temperment issues, this is why the mare was sold, though she claims she was unaware she was a 'thyroid mare'. Whether she did or not, she advised twice that she would take the mare back and refund my purchase price, and they have failed to do so.
Chris also declared that she was not an agent for Roz's horses, yet signed the health certificate and other vet papers as agent for Roz Robinson's horses. The brand inspection papers also had Roz's name forged on them by Chris, as they were not signed until the mare arrived in New Mexico and Roz did not accompany Chris on the trip to deliver the mare that far.

These ladies are liars, misrepresent what they are selling, and do not stand behind what they breed or sell. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! They both knew I was in the market for a broodmare, not a health problem they wanted to dump on someone else or another stallion that I certainly didnt need. Never ONCE did they offer to trade her for another viable broodmare, and Chris 'suggested' that the mare would make a 'lovely driving horse' with loud color to advertise a farm with. With this mare's thyroid temper tantrums, it would be suicide to attempt to put her in harness, and I did not pay this kind of money for a PET.

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  • Hg
      27th of Sep, 2008
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    Just an update on the situation, still no refund sent. The seller was sent notification that board at $50.00 per month would begin in August 2008. She just refuses to respond, or repurchase the mare back as promised.

    The agent, Chris Dove, had 'someone' send in another email to the Admin of the sales board, telling the lady 'what a nice person' she was, and asking that she be allowed to use the board again. The answer was 'no'.

    Chris had denied running the ad, but this 'person' stated that Chris realized she had made a mistake by advertising horses for a 3rd party, which is not allowed, and would not do it again. So the story changed again- what is interesting is that while the person was telling the Admin what a wonderful person Chris was and 'a nicer person couldnt be found', Chris was sending me an email full of insults and more lies.

    Facts remain that the seller said twice she would repurchase the mare, and when she didnt after at least two months, I got angry and gave her a deadline to take care of the issue. This made them angry and they decided to change the plan and just not do anything then, including refusing the refund until I would pay the entire shipping home on the mare.

    I am not the one who advertised and sold a horse that did not live up to what it was sold for, and not the one who did not stand behind their word. There is no integrity here with these folks. They need to send the refund back of $3000 and the board bill now owed, and I can be done with them once and for all.

  • Mi
      9th of Jan, 2017
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    I own this mare now . Currently in foal and foaled a beautiful colt in 2015 .

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