Royce West / Stealing Corporate Contracts

1 DeSoto, MO, United States

In 2008, Bell suffered several blackout on his computer. After nearly two months, he learned that his Yahoo account had experienced computer hacking from Nigeria and Mauritius.

Police chief Delsa Bush of West Palm Beach, FL and Texas state senator Royce West are believed to have played a major role undermining oil broker Sylvanius Bell. They are accused of stealing petroleum contracts from Bell's email account. The number of contracts include now 287 (or 387) contracts from Bell's email.

It is believed Bush used her office and department to manipulate clients away from him by announcing Bell had an warrant for his arrest for dealing in fraudulent contracts. Further, it was announced that he was incompetent and misinformed.

West, one of the masterminds in preventing Bell in succeeding in the oil industry, is a chief negotiator with primarily with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. West has an illegal alias known as Rev. Leonard Bell. On the other hand, Bush works with several Russian oil companies. Recently, she negotiated a second five-year contract with the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation. James A. Baker of Baker Botts law firm of Houston, TX is their attorney with branches in Moscow (Russia) and Hong Kong and Beijing, China.

On the contrary, Bell is a graduate from Morehouse College with several credit hours in Business management from Northwood University, a small business school in south Florida ("International Marketing" and International Economics" included). He also took "International Trade, " "International Business, " and "International Trade" at Oregon State University.

Africa's richest businesspeople are most likely included in this scam: Folorunso Alakija and Aliko Dangote (aka Christian Chiji), both natives of Nigeria.

The end-result is to pay Sylvanius Bell his commission (percentages and bonuses) and include him in all future commissions from Chinese National Petroleum Corporate/ Petro China.

Sep 14, 2014

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