Royaljewels Wholesale / Diamond Devotion / Misrepresentation and blackmail

1 [email protected], Western Australia, AU

This company, Poyaljewels wholesale (Diamond DEvotion at WA, Australia) advertsises jewellery on EBay. A ring I purchased was not as it had been advertised:
- the band was not solid and not possible to resize
- diamonds were half the size advertised
- the expert valuation found the ring to be worth only 7% of that advertsied

I sought a refund and they initially agreed by email to refund my money. After the ring was returned they refused to provide a refund UNLESS I wrote positive seller feedback on EBay about them. They persisted with this despite cancelling the transaction in EBay - making it impossible for me to leave any feedback about the sale.

I had to raise a dispute in PayPal and it took 3 months to get my refund. Do not do business with them.

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