1 United States

I'm an American citizen;reporting one of the royal air maroc employee unswering the ph # [protected].That employee hung up on my son's calls 7 times in raw, answering saying.

I had an emergency departure to Morocco the day of 22nd, April, 2010.The airline processing center had reject my payment cause of connection issue;then i paid cash to get my boarding pass.

I was 5 hours at the Airport and two hour away from my flight standing by the Lounge;and needed only to know if i'll make it or not.

He was in a fast paste, had no time to introduce himself when my son called in.He wasn't able to know who he represented.

Finally i made my flight with an overpayment.

I'm not happy with your empolees nor your services.

We suggest you guys to start the gate openning 3 hours prior to the check in time.


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