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I wish I have posted my experience
earlier so that I could have protected

some innocent people in this trap.

Let me
explain what happened to me.( membership.(RIHC1/040809/5566-165points)

I spent three and
half lakhs rupees, wasted so much of my precious time over last four
years and did not even have a single day of
holiday theirs or alliance resort (GAP
Resort) over these three years.

Since I am mailing to few
other people let me explain you how it all started.

I was holidaying in Club
Mahindra Goa, with my & my brother-in- laws family in August 2009.

While I am there one
of my friend called me from UK (Dr Rai) and during the conversation he asked me
that he and his friend family are coming to Goa in December that year and asked
me whether I can book them a resort while I am there. I asked at Club Mahindra
but they said they only offer to Club Mahindra Members.

Then I met this sales man
in Private Beach of Club Mahindra (I feel they should not have allowed these
thugs to enter their private beach) offering visit to Haathi mahal and offering
free gift. I was not at interested in gifts but I thought I can book resort to
my friend if it looks okay.

Then I met another sales
man (I can’t remember the name now-Arif/Asif) in Club Mhahindra.This guy insisted me that I should
take whole family including kids there and checked I have got credit card. Also said it
won’t take more than an hour. So I and my Brother-in –laws family visited
Haathi Mahal on 4th August 2009

When I went Haathi Mahal
they checked I have a valid credit Card

We were through the session
of explanations about Karma Royal Resorts by Neelu Menom which lasted nearly
one and half to two hour though in beginning only telling her intention of my
visit. (To book a paid resort to my Friend). Then we were joined by Jessica
Gracias. They both insisted that I should take membership which is available at
discounted rate only today and sign the membership for three lacks.

Next one hour and half hour
is most horrible time of Holiday in Goa.

I must have told atleast
25times I am not interested in Membership.

Ever time when I say no
they came up how best holiday I can have in Next 25 years across the world for
Pea nuts.

Frequently I was stopped
abruptly during conversation.

I said I don’t want any
free gifts, let me go-For that Jessica Gracias said I wasted
three hours of their time.

They made me looks
small in front of children. (As if I am
refusing to buy 1 rupee ice cream for them)

They Insulted My
Profession (You are such a big Doctor in United Kingdom cant you afford Pea nuts
for happiness of your family)

Least to say their tactics
are disgusting...

Finally under the
pressure I agreed to take the membership.

Initially they said I have
to pay Rs 35, 000 and rest of 3 lakhs over five Years. Since I did not proof of
address in India they forced me to pay all Rs 323, 112.00 which I
did with my Credit Card and signed the membership.(RIHC1/040809/5566-165points)

All I got was Vouchers of a
week holidays for two families.

Free Holiday

I try to use these vouchers
to book holiday for my friends (Dr Rai & Peter Fox) who were visiting India
in December 2009. They wanted only four day holidays in Goa as rest of the tour
was fixed. But they refused give holidays any of your resort in Goa on these
specific dates. My friends refused your dates of offer, vouchers went waste and
I wasted so much time...

I sent E mail asking
whether I can use it in future; I did not get any reply.

Holidays I
enjoyed next three Years…

Like a fool I
try to enjoy the forced relationship. I paid next
two year of membership.(Rs 15, 000 each year).

But when I tried to book
holiday, response I got was

The Resort you have asked
not affiliated us any more…

That Resort is not
available in that period

But we have other resort,
at other place, at other date (when children having school) with an extra cost…

And I wasted so much of

Only holiday booked was,
last year two days of holiday was booked at royal palms for my friend (Dr
Praksh Raviraj). That also he wanted at Hathi Mahal which was refused. (Though
it was available from other Holiday web sites) and feedback I got from him is
that is a filthy place.

After trying hard to book holiday
this year decided not to pay any more for membership.

It is shame
that company like this still exit, even after so much evidence available on
line that how big a scammer, cheater and liars are…

The company
says do charity for children, But bl… use children for cunning scam…

If it had happened in
western countries, company like this would have closed long before and probably
few people behind the bars as well.

That wasn’t first time I
visited Goa (But will probably the last time)

I gave All India
Postgraduate medical entrance examinations in Goa in 1990. I came with few
friends stayed few days afterwards. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Goa. The
hotel we stayed wasn’t posh but people were honest.

That trip is still in my

I spent first 30 years in
India and I love my country

But I haven’t come across this high
level professional cunning people before.

It not the first time
somebody approached me for holiday membership. When I was in club Mahindra
their sale man called and explained me about their membership. He did not check weather I have got credit
card or not, he did not ask my
profession, did not make me look
small in front women and children and more importantly at end of meeting I
told him I will look in to it and comeback if I am interested. He respected that.

At any time if I want
holiday membership I will take from Club Mahindra.

Unfortunately I don’t have
time to put case against them..

But I have got stronger

I will
use next of 21 years of membership year in Social net work site, forms, blog…
explaining what happened to me in Goa. & Karma Royal Resorts

It has got the Power. It
has brought down Dictators in Egypt, Libya and in many part of the world…

Dr Manohar Shetty

MBBS, MS Gen Surgery
(Bombay), MNAMS Gen Surgery (New Delhi)

FRCEd (Edinburgh), FRCS

Specialist Endoscopic

Pontefract &Pinderfield

Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust.


United Kingdom.

Feb 15, 2014
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  • We
      28th of Feb, 2014

    This member of KRG has not been in touch with the Company since July 2012. He had an issue then which we had offered to resolve for him . As no further contact or correspondence was received to the last phone calls and offer email, the issue was considered settled..

    Karma Royal Group have been established in Goa now for 20 years and with a large and predominantly happy membership who do not feel "cheated".

    They know that 95% of the time issues can be solved through communication and discussion with the parties concerned.

    However, when an aggrieved party does not respond to the management the issue will not be able to be discussed and therefore may not be solved.

    Karma Royal Group cannot do any more without Dr Shetty responding to emails or telephone calls.

    Best regards


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