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Royal Knights / Horrible doors

1 United States

I called about availability of a used white steel door. Robin, the saleswoman said she would call me right back but didn't. I called a couple of days later and the receptionist said my door would be installed the next day. I HADN'T ordered one yet, let alone choose a style of ornamentation. Robin had chosen the style. I went ahead and told the receptionist what ornaments to put on it. They installed it the next day.

They did not bring my screens. I called the receptionist and she said the screens would come in a couple of days. Then I noticed there were paint drips and chips on the door. There were extra holes drilled when they attached the pneumatic door closer. The door is white and the closer is black. The ornaments were not fully painted. The installer said they don't prep or prime the doors in any way. They use plain old spray paint. The door did not fit in the door frame properly. It gapped at the top and I could see daylight through it.

Again, I called the receptionist and she said she would have Robin call me. I called and called and called. Robin never called me back and the receptionist couldn't help me. I called the owner Richard Urbani and he said to call the saleswoman Robin. He said he told her not to sell used white doors and SHE has to deal with me. Robin would not return my calls. I called her for two weeks. The receptionist gave me promises. Then I kept calling the receptionist every day. I was always very courteous.

Finally, the guys came and removed my door, repainted it and reinstalled a few days later. With fewer drips and chips I accepted the door. I hovered over them and made them install it right. I found out later that the receptionist paid for it out of her pocket just to resolve the issue.

Again, they did not bring my screens and excuse after excuse. the receptionish told me that Rich said he would come out and measure the door. Finally I reached Rich, the owner on his cell phone. He asked if he could call me back because he was on a job. I told him I have been calling him back for over a month. I told him I wanted my screens. He said he was at the screen place right then and what size did I need? He said to look at the bill for the size. He said he would order them right then and they would be ready in three days and they would drop them off to me.

After another week I called him and he said he happened to be at the screen place again. I heard him ask about my screens. He said they would be ready for me on the 16th. I said I would pick them up. I went to get them and they were too small. I took them home, and yes, they were too small. I took them back the next day.

He argued that:

I had measured wrong (I didn't - he used the measurements off his invoice.) He said they have to fit - (I repeated that they didn't). He pointed to a label on the edge and said they have to fit - (I repeated that they didn't.)

He refused to give me my money back. He said he had none and didn't write or take checks. I reminded him that he took my check. He said "that's because you are white, so I trusted you." He told me to come back Monday for the money but he would only pay for one screen because the other was "included". He offered to refund one screen and give me the "included screen. I said ok.

After ten minutes of "discussing it" he said he could get a screen out of the back and cut it down. (I think he had finally realized that I was not going away- and I wouldn't have.) Then he went in the back room and made the screens himself. It took 20 minutes...and 73 days.


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